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Royal and Reckless Box Set, review of Carmen Falcones "Ruined King"

The first story I read in this book set was by Carmen Falcone, "Ruined King" and I have to tell you it was a beautiful love story. It didn't start out to be about love but about saving each other from their individual situations and I think that is one of the reasons, why when they fall in love, it was so romantic. It isn't the author's usual erotic stories (that by they way are terrific) but it is still a sensual one. Hurry and pick up this set before it's gone and before sure you read Carmen Falcones wonderful love story. Get the set here or at your favorite book site: https://amzn.to/2MM6Fz3

Check out my review for Carmen Falcone's latest in her Dirty Debts series, "Good Girls Like It Dirty"

Excuse me while I ice my fingers and put drops in my eyes. This was one hot, delicious story. You know the joke about the French maid, well this isn't it, but we do have one sexy French maid and a fairly new separated husband who has decided to shut himself off from any dalliances. She cleans his apartment and one day he catches her on his bed pleasing herself and is instantly in lust with her. They're both physically enthralled with each and want to make sure it stays that way with no emotional entanglements; so it isn't long before an "arrangement" is made. This is all I'm giving you, cause anything else would just scorch your eyeballs. Pick up this amusing and erotic story and learn what ups and downs they go through to eventually get their happy ending, which by the way is while their flying to Africa and yes, the definitely join the Mile High Club. The author's books keep getting better, always filled with laughter and love, but the journey there is what makes the story.  Grab it now here or at your favorite book site:   https://amzn.to/2N710zR



Check out my review for Ann Gimpel's latest in her Wylde Magick Series "A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Leo"

Second book in the " Wylde Magick" series and it just keeps getting better. We once again meet the mage Jeremiah, who having been saved by a shifter from poison he took to kill vampires, has somehow become a mage/shifter. This is totally new for him and he doesn't know how to treat his bonded rare and very old cave lion. Mages and shifters have been enemies for centuries and now that he's both, neither groups trust him. At the same time a shifter who is bonded to an ancient eagle is told by him that a lion cave has bonded and she must go immediately to find him. Everything goes downhill from there, he's a mage and can't be trusted since learning mages have been helping vampires. But not all is as it appears, for the alliance with the mages and vampires is even more sinister than they thought. This fascinating and great world building story is filled with mistrust, confusion, danger, horrific discoveries and the realization that past hatreds need not rule the present. Neither of them have wanted a mate, but both must accept that fate knows best. I've given you more than I usually do, but to find out what they learn about each other, the vampires plans, and what they have to do destroy those plans, get this book now. If you haven't yet started this great series what are you waiting for, the third book will be out soon.  Get it here or at your favorite book site:  https://amzn.to/2wfHMRd


My review for Jodi Vaughn's latest, "Veiled Enchantment" Book 2 in her Veiled series.


The story begins after a great victory and our heroine is home with her child; but not all is as it seems. What is wrong with her, is she an awful mother? Her baby won't stop crying and has even begin to bite her when breastfeeding. No one believes the things she feels and what she has seen, so she sets out to discover the truth. The truth is unfathomable and devastating. What can she, and those she love, do to bring her sweet baby back. The only thing you have to do is grab this 2nd book in the Veiled Series, to discover what has happened and go along on the journey to correct what been so wrongfully done. As you can tell I don't do spoilers but you can believe me when I say Author Jodie Vaughn has done it again. She has given us a tale with secrets, evil, goodness and the strength of love.   Grab this wonderful book here (and if you haven't read Book 1, now's the chance) or at your favorite book site:   https://amzn.to/2PhvnoP






My review for Opehila Bells latest in her Paranormal Dating Agency series, "Way to a Bears Heart"

Another wonderful matchmaking story. But what mom has asked the matchmaker to find for her daughter isn't necessarily what the daughter wants. And an older retired champion is perfect for hot, mind blowing sex, but will never be mating material for a young up and coming hot chef. At least that's what they both think, even if their bodies and mind tell them different. Grab this book and find, among the delicious food and sawdust, yourself enjoying this sexy, emotional ride to love. I can't wait for the next book in the authors series "Paranormal Dating Agency", especially with so many sexy customers still to find mates for. Grab it now, but make sure the kids are asleep as you don't want them to hear any sighs and moaning going on Get it here or at your favorite

book site: https://amzn.to/2KJkY1o

Review for the newest book by Michele DeWinton, "Another Shot With Summer"

Great story, I loved their passion for each other, even when they were denying it to themselves. The photography sections of the story were amazingly described, both the scenery and of Summer; I could see her glowing. Summers determination to be the "best" kept her strong. His determination to stay close to his love for surfing even after his accident was well written. Their love of the ocean had them hooked and coming back to each other. To top it off your detailed description of the ocean,
the movement of the waves, the way the beauty of the ocean called to them and holy moly the snake scene were terrific. This was a beautiful love story; the passion they had for each other and the ocean that brought them back together is beautifully written. You can almost smell the salt in the air, the wind in your face, the thrill of riding a perfect wave and the heat of their passion. Well done Michele DeWinton, me thinks there's a surfer somewhere behind the pages of your book.Get it here or at your favorite book site




Review for Snow Blood Season 3 by Carol McKibben

I'm loving this series more with each book I read. You know that dogs love their masters, Snow Blood not only loves his master but the entire Borgio family and his pack as well. He will do everything he can to save them. In this book he is taken by a great enemy and must endure much to keep his family safe. The enemy wants him for his powers, with a bonding she will be able to overpower not only his family, but all vampires and more. I don't do spoilers so this is all your going to get. My love for her writing increases with each book she writes and that grows even more when she shows her own love for our four legged friends. Book 3 on it's own is amazing, but you would enjoy so much more by starting at the beginning "Snow Blood Season 1".  Get Book 3 or the rest of the series here or at your favorite book site:     https://amzn.to/2L26GgL


Book 1 in a brand new Series by Ann Gimpel "Wylde Magick", Book 1Gemstone:Zodiac Shifters: Gemini

Another great series begins. In this first book of the authors newest series, we meet Naill, a jaguar shifter, working as an EMT. We also meet our heroine, Sarai, a wolf shifter mage living with her family on a secluded ranch away from humans. During an emergency call for a multiple car accident, Naill scents a unusual melding of shifters and vampires, something that is highly unusual as these groups do not gather together. Along with their smell is a scent of evil magic - what the heck is going on? If you love reading excitement, mysteries, the paranormal and some hot romance, this book is definitely for you. Learn what Naill discovers and how Sarai is involved and what together they must do to save everyone from the Vampires.  Grab this first fantastic book here or at your favorite book site: https://amzn.to/2K05MAV


My review of Tracy Cooper Posey's Book 6, "Veil of Honor" in the Scandalous Scions Series

Veil of Honor is another home run for author Tracy Cooper-Posey; this is Book 6 in her Scandalous Scions Series. Again we are discovering secrets from those in the 3 families this series involves. It was easy to be bring dishonor not only to oneself but through you, your family as well, during this period of history. We have a member of the family who has kept secret a terrible moment of weakness that could bring her and her family down with shame and scandal. We also have a young man who learns of this occurrence and makes her, as we say now, an honest woman. Belonging to these families they have known each other long, but it's this shame that shows them the true feelings they have for each other. But it isn't as easy as that, for they will travel the ups and downs of their actions both from within and out of the family and they will suffer for their those actions. But amongst their time together they learn to love but still hesitate to fully trust. The story is very emotional and, for me anyway, once I began reading I didn't put it down till it was finished. If you haven't started this series, start right now and you will fall in love with this very unconventional family during a time when rules, etiquette and unwritten rules had to be followed or the lack of them would bring scandal and ruin to an entire family. Each book can be read on it's own, but to see the whole picture it's better to read the series. Have a go at it and be enthralled with the time and the stories.   

Get it here or at your favorite book site:  https://amzn.to/2szy9vE



Warin's War by Ann Gimpel

Loved the heroine of this story; she starts out understated and unhappy with her life. Fortunately she meets a stranger that changes her life. They are both immediately physically drawn to each other. They are also of different races whose people are involved in a thousand year war that is now damaging the earth. With their strong connection to each other they will try to bring the different races together to save not only the other races, but humankind and the earth as well. See what they each must go through to accomplish this task, and how their love and passion for each other will give them the power to help all. Author Ann Gimpel has done it again, mixing fairy tales with hot romance, danger and adventure.   Get your book here or at one of your favorite book sites:





Ophelia Bell's latest in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Equinox"

The most powerful and evil enemy of the Haven is finally at the point of winning and in order for Numa to beat her, she must have a mate as powerful as she. This is the fascinating story of the struggle to beat their enemy and of the five men trying to win the position of her mate. She loves them all and they her and to win her they must prove they can give her the highest pleasure she has ever had, for that in turn will give her the power to overcome their enemy. I love the way the author brings in past characters to show how the story has moved along to this point. The world building in this series has been magnificent, the characters draw you in, the action grabs you, the evil is powerful with the most horrendous acts to get what they want. The path of sensual love making Numa must have with the five men is mind blowing and will have you squirming. Grab this book now to find out all that the characters have to go through and I know you won't put it down till your finished, and make sure the kids aren't around as I'm sure the sexy action will have you letting out a moan or two. Get it here or at your favorite book site: https: https://amzn.to/2rM8CPD

Carol McKibben's first book in her new series, Moon Blood (The First Blood Son Book 1)

A FIVE STAR RATING - A vampire, a vampire wolf, space technology and a sexy corporate spy. What ? The authors new series concerns Kane, the original vampires first blood son. Along with him we have Snow Blood and Nova's first pups, in particular a female pup that bonded with Kane. She is so taken with him that whenever he visits she follows him everywhere she can. During one of his visits she is caught in a bear trap and is so severely injured she cannot be saved. With the permission of his family and the desire of the pup, upon her death Kane turns her. Right about now your probably saying "oh no, she's writing spoilers". Nope, that's it, except to say the story is filled with loyalty and love, plenty of action, snarky humor and a beautiful, sexy woman. Yeap another great story from the author whose love for animals gives her readers a very different and fascinating perspective on the vampire genre. Now where the heck is book 2? Get this great story here: https://amzn.to/2Il49tx


Tracy Cooper Posey's brand new series Once and Future Hearts, Book 1 Born of No Man

A great start to a new Series concerning the time of the great Merlin. This story begins with the conflicts before his birth. The authors research brings us facts and fiction so well melded together that it leaves you saying, "Wow, I didn't know that" then brings you back to "wait, did that really happen or is it just part of this story." The main characters have background stories both good (for those times)and bad; filled with stoic bravery and some with deep pain and anger. We have hero's and heroines who will have to go through both mental and physical anguish, as well as unexpected love. The story ends at the start of the amazing and supposedly magical life of Merlin. We've seen and read many versions of this mans life, but I have a feeling this one will be the most enthralling one of all.  Buy here https://tracycooperposey.com/born-of-no-man/ , directly from the author, here or at your favorite book site:  https://amzn.to/2HMUejY



My review of Laxmi Hariharans latest book "Obsession" from her Dragon Protectors Series

As the author gives birth to each new book, they just keep getting better. It's written with more passion and excitement, and a terrific storyline. I thought it was a wonderful love story, within a story of danger and unknowns. This story involves a cat shifter and a dragon, whoaaa. His lion knows that the dragon shifter is their mate and he agrees and is desperate to make her his. But she's not just any dragon shifter, she's the dragons alpha and is use to being on her own and in control of all. And as they all know a dragon cannot mate with other shifters, it would be their death. So even though she desires him she's determined not to be his death. But they must work together to find his sister whose been kidnapped by their new enemy. They must find him and the others that want to take them over and in doing so destroy them all. See what dangers they must overcome during their mission and how they both must accept their fate, be it together or apart.  Get I here or at your favorite book site:  https://amzn.to/2HdshNY

My review for Ann Gimpel's latest in her Dystopian Punk Series, "Redeemed"

What an ending to a fantastic series. Only bad thing is I DON'T want it to end. A lot of action, surprises, suspense from beginning to end. The world building in this series is both fantastic and scary. In this book we also have a first, at least for me, that involves the emotional breaking of a long time shifter bond. But we also have the joy of love and being newly bonded within a "family", a happiness the shifter has never had, or thought she would ever have, in her very long lifetime. If you've read any of this series, you know we have oodles of magic both good and evil in all shapes and sizes. The author brings to life shifters of all types, vampires, mystical creatures, mythical Gods, and of course a human or two. She does this blending of characters in amazing fashion throughout this series, but especially in Redeemed. I will miss the adventures of this amazing Dystopian Urban Fantasy.   Get it here or at your favorite book site: https://amzn.to/2F1D5Nj 



Read my review for Carmen Falcone's latest book, "Good GIrl Gone Bad" first in her Dirty Debts series

This book is from the authors new series, Dirty Debts, and is sooo good that once I started I didn't put it down till the last period. The story has great characters, both are serious, funny, sexy and filled with guilt. The heroine is trying to keep her families business afloat while keeping problems from her mother. The hero has tragic secrets from his past and has grown into a man who wants no emotional ties; so dedicated to this that he has no romantic or business dealings without a signed contract. He needs her property for his new venture, and she's not willing to part with a business her mother built up from scratch. He offers a solution that is hard to pass up, but she must sign a contract and any break of that contract will mean losing her business. She's a preachers daughter and has no intention of hurting her mother, but can she do what the contract entails? I do my best not to give spoilers so I've tried here to give the overall view of the story. But there is SO MUCH MORE in between the lines. This is one hot read and is for OVER 18 ONLY READERS; but for us lucky ones over the age, the book is filled with snarky humor, emotional sensual feelings so volatile that it hits the both of them right from the start. So if you like sexy reads filled with emotions and humor, don't pass this one up. Get it here or at your favorite book site: Amazon  https://tinyurl.com/yco5qggx