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An Angel in Space - Angel 6.0 to be exact, now out in Audio version

This is one devilish angel, but this angel was made by man. Made in secret, in an illegal installation; the only female among the male clones and a race of vicious warrior cats. She is more than woman, pain for her is erotic, she heals quickly. But this experiment wants to live and love. That's it I don't like spoilers, suffice it to say that if you read SyFy mixed with sexy, strong women not afraid to beat the hell out of anyone this is for you. Author Travis Luedke has given us another great story but this time literally out of this world.
I'm happy to say I've reviewed the new audible version of Angel 6.0:Concubine. The narrator is fantastic and really brings Angel to life. She brings out all of Angel's strengths, faults, humor and feelings in the speech and tones of her voice, as well as those of the other characters. It was a joy to hear the story even though I had previously read it. It gives you new insight and hearing Angel's attitude is really great. Whether you previously read it or not, be sure and get it and enjoy it even more.