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Review for Author Tracy Cooper-Posey's new Book "Promissory Note," in her Science Fiction "The Endurance Series"

 This 4th book, (but assigned #3 in series) "Promissory Note," in the science fiction series, The Endurance, is amazing. Each book gets better and better. Although it is science fiction it could just as easily be a book on man's sociology and financial downfalls. I believe quite a bit of research, along with the authors terrific imagination and ability, went into the writing of this book and it has given us a great story. Two damaged people come together, but completely unaware of each others "secrets." Individually they both work towards the betterment of those living in a enclosed environment, but as one is forced to work with the other they discover a way to better the future of all and along the way finally allow themselves to love. I'm glad that in each new book in the series we are able to once again meet people from previous stories, even though decades may have passed. We have a civilization hurling through space to reach their new home a thousand years away from earth. What story will be next in this series, what new problems will arise, what new loves will be discovered, how much further into their future will the story be? I can't wait to find out and neither will you once you begin this fantastic journey with them

Source: http://www.amazon.com/Promissory-Note-Endurance-Tracy-Cooper-Posey/dp/177263137X/ref=cm_cr-mr-img