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Ann Gimpel's KEEPING FAITH the last book in her GenTech Rebellion series

The last book in this series and you couldn't have asked for a better ending. This thriller/romance/futuristic story has a terrific storyline in what could easily be a possible future. A Black Ops CIA team for 7 years have been eliminating many of the genetically engineered race of beings they have named "freaks." These freaks rebelled against the scientist that created them and killed many of them and others .Now their only wish is to kill all the humans they can, while the males now keep their own kind (women and children) in the compounds they were once grown and experimented on. We learn from Books 1-4 that an Ops team has rescued and accepted into their ranks 4 women and 2 men from one of the compounds and the series tells the stories of these 6 "freaks" and how they have found life worth living. We see friendships, acceptance and love grow between them and the humans. In this last story the team learns what the remaining thousands of freaks have planned and try desperately to stop them. Meanwhile

life goes on; they must learn each others ways, learn to trust, accept that not all on either side will. They will also learn that love, and the passion that goes with it, is possible. The ending of the series is unexpected, climatic and leaves this reader satisfied with how these two races, one born into humanity and the other grown in a test tube, will end. But I have hopes that the author will one day miss this world she created and go back to give us more.  https://www.amazon.com/Keeping-Faith-Military-Romance-Rebellion/dp/1544079680/ref=cm_rdp_product