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Carmen Falcone's latest book "Forbidden Stepbrother" release day 4/3/17

First off, this is not your regular "stepbrother" story. It has a solid, makes sense background story; one filled with regrets, loss, lies, and always remembered desire of what you think you shouldn't want. They haven't seen each other for quite some time and when fate walks in and throws them together it doesn't go well. Their guilt makes them angry at each other, and all their bottled up hidden feelings are hard to live with. Yep that's what I said, live with; they are stuck in the same house while a severe snow storm has both of them unable to leave. They arrange to stay on different floors, and do their best to stay apart. But long buried feelings can no longer be hidden and slowly their guilt and truths come out. Well written story, you can feel the overwhelming guilt and desire of the characters. I recommend this story to all who love hot contemporary romance. Get it, Read it, Review it, see how their truths will set them free.