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Michele De Winton 1st book in her On Deck series, "The Boss and Her Billionaire"

We have a young woman climbing up the ranks of a male dominated career choice. Because of a badly chosen indiscretion with her boss, she has turned herself into a cold hard task master. Into this comes a man who has worked 24/7 to keep his mothers business afloat, a job his philandering brother has left behind; leaving his wife and children as well. The brother has now returned begging to be given a chance to show he has changed. He wants to believe him so he's talked into a 3 month vacation. While trying to work this out in his head he spy's a job bulletin for a dancer position, (something he worked hard for and has always wanted, but gave up to take over the family business) on a cruise ship. Okay, that's the background. Now I don't do spoilers so you'll have to get this great romance story to learn how the seemingly cold cruise director and the dancing incognito billionaire work out their differences and act on their hot attraction to each other. When your this attracted to each other can unexpected obstacles keep you apart, or can they make you stronger; will eventual separation, family, new jobs, and surprises keep you from knowing if love is even possible. I recommend this book to all lovers of Contemporary Romance. Be sure and get your copy here or another of your favorite buy book sites.