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Review of Laxmi Hariharan's "Redemption" first in her Ascendants Series

This book is the first in the authors Ascendants Series, but it crosses over from her Many Lives Series. We have a female shifter, Leana, who begins the story as a cage fighter to help keep an orphanage running, Entering into this scene is an immortal, Mikhail, from unknown origins, who is strongly drawn to her. Without giving away too much, as I don't do spoilers, lets just say these two have a relationship that does not always run smoothly. She will be controlled by no one and he wants only her. In this world, that has been changed through the act of one woman and her sword, we have shifters, immortals, vampires and humans. A world filled with pain and one in which these two must not only accept what they are, but their feelings for each other, if they are to save it. It is a story filled with emotion and unpredictable twists and turns. As always the authors gives us a powerful story, filled with strong characters in a society so changed it takes courage and exceptional love to win a life worth living. I recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal, filled with the unexpected and love worth fighting for.

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