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Review for Ophelia Bells > Immortal Dragons: The First Four: Prequel + Books 1-3

Dragon Betrayed-Prequel-This book is hard to read, BUT even harder to put down. The lengths the two main character go through in their twisted love for each in this BDSM story is very hard to read because it is told so powerful that one finds it very hard to began reading it and not putting it down till the last anguished moment is read.
Dragon Blues–Book 1-The revised "Dragon Blues" is just amazing. It's expanded background concerning characters and events makes the story sooo much better. We learn new things about all the characters; the who's, why's and what's behind their actions. The return of the villain is terrific, making you both hate and feeling sorry for him. As always, Ophelia Bell has sexy, sensual action and the few BDSM scenes are right on. In this book we have two brothers who have lost their sister to "Hunters" because of what a woman on the Council did thousands of years before. One falls in love with her the first time he sees her, not knowing that she is the one he blames for his sisters death. She falls for him also and knows she has to tell him who she is. In his anger he rejects her. But his brother knows they are meant to be together; what he didn't know was that he too would fall in love with her. She learns she desires them both and knows it is more than lust but love as well. Can she convince them to forgive and Let's not forget about LOVE; in cause you haven't been paying attention to the authors other "Dragon" stories, dragon's love deeply and forever.
Dragon Void-Book 2- Chance brings the main characters hope and release, but too late as it arrives when death has come. It's filled with love, then loss and horrid pain; pain that lasted for centuries. Never doubt your destiny and what fate will bring; for love from your "One" is all encompassing whether it be between two, or more.
Dragon Splendor-Book 3-I will try to write my feelings for this story here, but in reality I don't have words good enough to tell you what a magnificent story it is. It is filled with so much emotion and passion i.e. fear, desires, hope, anger, just to name a few. We find the previous destruction of souls and lives has caused the three main characters and how fate will not let them go. We learn surprising information and I love the way the author gathers characters from her other stories helping you to view events from all angles. The ending brings, to me anyway, great joy and hope.
Dragon Rebel-Book 4-The 3 main characters in this book all have their own special powers and are able to use them to save not only their lives but all those that would be affected by an immortal queen driven steadily insane by the loss of her loved ones. The love the three have for each other is powerful and shown by care, need and immense desire for each other. The main story is magnificent, made even better by the inclusion of past characters and how their lives have progressed; this will include, but is not limited to, some intense BDSM scenes, as well as learning what one of the series most evil beings, in her quest for immortality and vengeance, has been up to. The authors ability, in her written words, to make us feel the pleasures and pain of her characters makes this reader both groan and gasp. I most highly recommend this bookset to all who love paranormal romance, it includes put you on fire sex, as well as gut wrenching pain. What the heck you waiting for, go now, get it, read it, review it. You won't be sorry, remember mature audience only.    Get it here or at one of your favorite book buy sites http://amzn.to/2w1WVIc