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Ann Gimpel's Final book in her Dragon Lore Series, "Dragon's Dare"

I hope I'm able to explain why this is one fantastic read. First it was written by an author who writes across many genres and is terrific in all of them. This story is a cross between fantasy/magic/paranormal written with thrills, danger, death, surprises, humor and darn right sensual romance. We again meet many of the quirky, smart, beautiful, handsome, evil and even time traveling characters from the previous books in the Dragon Lore series; as you read the series the author's main characters are people we've met before. I love that, as it actually turns the individual stories into one epic story filled with adventure, evil, love and so much more. I don't do spoilers, but I hope my feelings for this book have come through. You have to get this book, the final one in the series; and you will definitely get a better understanding of the story if you have read the first three in the series. What are you waiting for, go get it now. Get it here or at your favorite book site: