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Carol McKibben's latest - Kane: The First Blood Son: Prequel of the Snow Blood Series

If you've read any of the author's Snow Blood Series you've met his master's first turned son, Kane. Have you ever wondered what kind of man Kane was before he became a vampire, what he was like before he met he met his master? Well this prequel has all those answers. It's a fascinating story mixing history and the supernatural. You will meet characters straight out of history books right along side vampires they never knew existed. We learn of Kane's plans for his life before and after becoming, as they say, "a creature of the night." He finds out what the craving for human blood, and breaking his makers rules, unleashes upon humanity. I will give no more spoilers, even if they are not much to begin with, you will just have to grab this fascinating story to learn everything that happens in-between my lines. If you are one of those individuals who has yet to read the Snow Blood Series, this will be a great start; now go and grab this book and begin reading a fascinating series. This is not your normal vampire series; I mean, starting with Book 1 how many come from an animals perspective?
Grab Kane here at Amazon Unlimited http://amzn.to/2yEIEOY and for the rest of the series get them at your favorite book site.<!-- react-text: 2387 --><!-- /react-text -->