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Billionaire Ever After BookSet - 22 stories by Margo Collins, Michele De WInton, Talia Hunter and19 other great writers

I will be adding more reviews to this set as I read the individual stories. It's safe to say that if these two stories are an example of the other 20, they'll be great. The first book I read was M.M. Chabot's "Save By Him." The heroine in the story has lost everything in a deadly car crash prior to the accident, she discovered her husband had lied to her. The hero finds that marriage to a woman he thought loved him was nothing but a sham and is able to divorce her when he accidently finds out what she's been up to. So here we have two people who want nothing more than to be as far away from love as possible. She became as close to a recluse as you can be, whereas he was happy playing the field. But fate always has it's way and a girl can't go wrong with a gay best friend to help you go out into the world. Low and behold, these two end up working together; he the rich owner of a detective agency and she, a newly hired investigator. That's it I'm not saying one more word, I don't do spoilers so if you want to know how these two damaged people find love among stakeouts, you'll have to pick-up this set of great stories

The second book I read was Talia Hunter's "Hot to Rock a Billionaire." A snarky humorous, lost everything, has everything, met again love story. She's crushed on him forever and while playing together in a band in high school he left without a word goodbye. All she wanted in life was to sing and all she found was frustration and hurt along the way and now, due to a car accident, she has lost everything. He was the lead guitarist of the band back, with a knack for technology, in their school days, and in love with her; but then left without a word of explanation. Their reunion is less than perfect when his car hits hers and they find each other again. She has her pride, he has money. Neither will admit their true feelings or circumstances. He insist on helping her, she says no; so he offers her a job pretending to be his date during an important meeting. I don't do spoilers so this is it. I will say that the unfolding of their story is worth the read and shows that rich or poor you can't get around loving someone.

 The third book was Michele De Winton's "Love Struck." I don't want to give any spoilers, so this is going to be hard. This story was absolutely wonderful, emotional, sad, happy, all in one great read. We have a struggling fashion stylist on her last leg of starting her own business and fighting for her life. We have a man at the top of his game in business, rich, good-looking but deep down never satisfied or happy with himself. They both have troubled backgrounds that have led them down the paths they've traveled; roads of fear, self-doubt, dissatisfaction. Their first business meeting is a disaster, making their first social, unexpected second meeting one as well. Words that hurt are hard to take back, so are actions taken. The author takes us through a mean spirited beginning, unexpected pleasure, then pain and hurt, to an eye opening change of inner self. All these steps lead to a beautiful love. That's enough, can't say more, except to say you must read their story and I hope it leaves you how it left me, JOYFUL and HAPPY with the world they discovered.

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