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Carmen Falcone & 10 other great authors - "Married. Wait ! What !

The first story I've chosen to read in this set is Carmen Falcone's "Married to Trouble." Another home run for this author; her story is filled with not only a strong young woman, Clarissa, trying to show her father she can run a clean business, but an unsuspecting lawyer, Beck, trying to make partner in his law firm. The story is filled with humor and hot, sensual, steamy encounters. Both must work with her mobster father to make their dreams come true. Promising her father to safely drive her home to Vegas is not as easy as it sounds when his passenger has plans of her own. If he can do this one thing for the father he's a sure thing to bring his business into the firm and easily make partner. But her plans are not to go straight home to daddy, but to prove to dad that she is grown and woman enough run a business by being a wife. Surely being a wife will show him she's mature enough, right? Too bad Beck has no plans for being a husband. That's enough spoilers, you need to read the story to see how much trouble a young woman can cause when she puts her mind to it and how it effects everyone involved.

Second story I read was "About Time"  by Kim Carmichael. A quirky sci-fi romance; a story of a world which had to learn to live by time schedules in order to survive. Schedules for your entire life, including everything from housework, eating, to marriage and sex. But what if you were different than most and didn't believe in going through life according to a schedule. Read this very different but thoroughly entertaining romance story with a unique world building background.

Pick up this great set of 11 stories by 11 terrific authors and be ready to have some jaw dropping, sexy and humorous moments. Go get this anthology before it's gone, get it here or your favorite book site: