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Carol McKibben's Book 1 "Snow Blood" in her Snow Blood Series

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 An unusual vampire story. The main character, Snow, is a newly turned vampire. He had no wish to be one, but was turned by the father of all vampires in order to save his life. His new master has been around a long, long time and that time has been without his wife, the great love of his life. Due to the anger and jealousy of the Gods, she was taken forever from him. Not only was she taken from him but the Gods are constantly plaguing him with trickery and continued attempts on his life. With Snow at this side events take place that may help to one day bring back his wife. But this comes at no small price. The story is filled with danger, death, held back desires, memories gone, undying love. The most intriguing part of this story is it's told to us by Snow, a beautiful white dog. Yep, Snow is the newly turned vamp. I knew nothing of this story, it was free, so I got it. Can you imagine my surprise (a very happy one as I'm a lover of animals and own a beautiful white dog myself) when I discovered the story was being told by this wonderful dog newly named Snow. This is a must read, whether you are great dog lover or not, the story is a wonderful world builder with exciting characters and a very different vampire storyline.           Pick up your copy here :http://amzn.to/2y0v9fl, http://bit.ly/2yHO7ER