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Avery Flynn's latest hot romantic comedy "The Schemer"

What an enormously entertaining story. It's filled with snarky humor, unwanted smoldering desires, unintentional secrets, and oh my persistence, unrelenting persistence. She's from the wrong side of town and has worked to get where she is with no pretense of being anything else. He's also from the wrong side of town and through hard work has everything you could ever want, but he's sworn he'll never let where's he's from bring him down. Two very conflicting views, one accepting her background, the other making themselves over to keep his as far away as possible from where he started. How can they ever have a chance for a meaningful relationship, when all they see in common, even though they don't want to admit it, is their unwanted desires for each other. That's it, for I hate spoilers; but I hope I've tickled your fancy, cause this is one terrific story. Terrific from their comical beginnings, all the way through their passionate ending. Get this book here or at your favorite buy site - http://amzn.to/2nNXQFs
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