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K.C. Klein's Dark Future Series, Book 1 "To Buy A Wife"

Discovered that although I had already read this book some time back, that I never left a review, so I re-read it and liked it even better than the first time. In this first of a series (free on your favorite buy site) we have a world where women and therefore children are few. In order to have a wife she must be purchased through auction. This is the story of one man's illogical purchase of a woman as she is being prepared for execution. What the man doesn't know is that this woman is willing to do all she can to save her last family member and she can't do that if she's someone's wife. An exciting start to a great world building series filled with wonderfully detailed description of it's characters, the pain they suffer and the wonder of discovering there is more to living, under the yoke of oppression, than the sweat of hard work and the drive to overcome the hopeless. I'm picking up the second in the series right now. Get your free copy here: