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Review for the newest book by Michele DeWinton, "Another Shot With Summer"

Great story, I loved their passion for each other, even when they were denying it to themselves. The photography sections of the story were amazingly described, both the scenery and of Summer; I could see her glowing. Summers determination to be the "best" kept her strong. His determination to stay close to his love for surfing even after his accident was well written. Their love of the ocean had them hooked and coming back to each other. To top it off your detailed description of the ocean,
the movement of the waves, the way the beauty of the ocean called to them and holy moly the snake scene were terrific. This was a beautiful love story; the passion they had for each other and the ocean that brought them back together is beautifully written. You can almost smell the salt in the air, the wind in your face, the thrill of riding a perfect wave and the heat of their passion. Well done Michele DeWinton, me thinks there's a surfer somewhere behind the pages of your book.Get it here or at your favorite book site