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"Once Upon A Rebel Fairytale, by 29 great writers; get NOW for $.99

The first story I've read in the box-set is the Bestselling, Award Winning Author and Screenwriter, Rebekah Ganiere's "The Bride." I'm going to do my best to not do spoilers, because I really want to excite you with my feelings for the book; a very different and exciting take on tales as you've never read them before. This particular story is a very dark romance that starts out with violence and danger for both characters. One has never known love or kindness while the other has only found lust, where he thought there might be love. He moves away to escape possible discovery and instead lands in the middle of family conflict when his carriage almost runs over the heroine. They both have a sudden feeling of "something," though they have not met they still feel a strange pull. Skipping over parts I don't want to divulge; they meet and their strong physical and emotional attraction to each cannot be denied. Because of family conflict she stays the night, only to frightened by strange voices she hears calling her. The danger begins here and continues when she runs away from the house. But danger not only comes from the unknown but from her self absorbed family as well. I've already given spoilers when I said I would not, so here I stop. Suffice it to say that there is so much more coming, danger, blood, evil, freedom, beauty, family betrayal of the worst kind, oh and lets not forget flying. But most of all love, filled with sensual passion and everlasting, love that defies the norm and changes both their lives forever. Don't just sit there, go and grab this and the other amazing stories while you can.