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UNDER BY TREATY BY KAYLA STONOR - Can a man be tortured into savong mankind, yet live to sexually please an alien queen

Under By Treaty - Kayla Stonor

Author Kayla Stonor as always has strong characters in her stories and this is no exception. Can a man willing become a slave in order to save his planet. Will he be able to endure the torture and training necessary, to what will essentially be a sex slave to an alien queen, in order to keep humans from being annihilated. Can the female alien shifter make this man, a general from earth, docile and obedient? Can a man be earths greatest traitor or savior, when he finds his torturer both frightening and sexually fascinating? What he has to go through is unbelievable, but they're secrets on both sides and what happens when they come out, well whether or not we are doomed as a race is for you to read and find out. You'll get no answers here, for I don't do spoilers, but I highly recommend this story to all who like sexy, dominating characters in a sci-fi genre.