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reviewed: Ann Gimpel's 4th book in her Bitter Harvest Series, "Betrayed"
This 4th book in the series, Bitter Harvest, is magnificent. Your never sure what is going to happen next and the next in thi...
January 2018
reviewed: Book 3 in Ann Gimpel's Bitter Harvest Series, "Abandoned"
Book 3 of this series introduces us to amazing shifters of the sea. These beings have lost thousands to the Cataclysm and the...
January 2018
reviewed: Ophelia Bell's latest in her Kindle Worlds Paranormal Dating Agency Series "Triple Talons"
Okay let me say this first HOTTTTT!!!!! The heroine has lost her love and just wants to stay away from those emotions, but wa...
January 2018
reviewed: V.A. Dold's Book 7 in her Le Beau Brothers Series, "Seth"
Book 7 in the Le Beau Series. A story of a man whose life is filled with centuries of killing one's own kind. He belongs to t...
January 2018
reviewed: K.C. Klein's "The Wrong Cowboy" from her "A Somewhere, TX" (In The Heart of TX series)
From the authors "Somewhere, TX" (In the Heart of Texas Series), we have this wonderfully written, emotional, heart tugging, ...
January 2018
reviewed: Just re-read author Kyle West's "Apocalypse", book 1 of his dystopian series "Wasteland Chronicles", and it still Wowed me
OMG this is by far the most amazing world building dystopian novel I've ever read. The story is filled with fantastic but bel...
December 2017
reviewed: From Tracy Cooper Posey's Scandous Scions series, is the 4th book, "Mask of Nobility"
This is the 4th book in the Scandalous Scions series. We again meet members of a large unconventional family during the Victo...
December 2017
reviewed: Ophelia Bell's newest book in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Guardian"
OMG, every time I finish one of the authors books in her Immortal Dragon Series, I swear it's not going to be any better. WRO...
December 2017
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Posey's second book in her Vistaria Has Fallen, "Prisoner of War"
The author continues her series, Vistaria has Fallen, in this magnificent war story "Prisoner of War". Everyone believes her ...
December 2017
reviewed: Carmen Falcone's last book in her Brazilian Series, "Brazilian Surrender"
This is the authors last book in her Brazilian Series, Brazilian Surrender. We have another Duarte family member this time Ca...
November 2017
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Posey's newest in her series Scandalous Scions, Marriage of Lies Book 3
Tracy,Tracy,Tracy, this story was, well all I can think to say, was magnificent. Your creative mind in the telling of this be...
November 2017
reviewed: Talia Hunters newest in her Rich Liist Romance series, "How to Boss a Billionaire
This is a witty, funny, and yes sensual and romantic story. Can a woman who owns a sex shop get help to keep her business run...
October 2017
reviewed: Ann Gimpel's Book 2 "Twisted" in her Bitter Harvest Series
Wow !!! Book 2 of the Bitter Harvest series is jam packed with unexpected surprises. It appears that the reversal spell was t...
October 2017
reblogged: Carol McKibben's Book 1 "Snow Blood" in her Snow Blood Series
Redid my review.
from dinabushrod
An unusual vampire story. The main character, Snow, is a newly turned vampire. He had no wish to be one, but was turned by th...
October 2017
reviewed: "Boss with Benefits" by Talia Hunter
A wonderful, lighthearted falling-in-love story. One filled with strong, adventurous characters; a kick-ass woman and a carin...