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September 2018
reviewed: Royal and Reckless Box Set, review of Carmen Falcones "Ruined King"
The first story I read in this book set was by Carmen Falcone, "Ruined King" and I have to tell you it was a beautiful love s...
August 2018
reviewed: Check out my review for Carmen Falcone's latest in her Dirty Debts series, "Good Girls Like It Dirty"
Excuse me while I ice my fingers and put drops in my eyes. This was one hot, delicious story. You know the joke about the Fre...
August 2018
reviewed: Check out my review for Ann Gimpel's latest in her Wylde Magick Series "A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Leo"
Second book in the " Wylde Magick" series and it just keeps getting better. We once again meet the mage Jeremiah, who having ...
August 2018
reviewed: My review for Jodi Vaughn's latest, "Veiled Enchantment" Book 2 in her Veiled series.
The story begins after a great victory and our heroine is home with her child; but not all is as it seems. What is wrong with...
August 2018
reviewed: My review for Opehila Bells latest in her Paranormal Dating Agency series, "Way to a Bears Heart"
Another wonderful matchmaking story. But what mom has asked the matchmaker to find for her daughter isn't necessarily what th...
reviewed: Review for the newest book by Michele DeWinton, "Another Shot With Summer"
Great story, I loved their passion for each other, even when they were denying it to themselves. The photography sections of ...
July 2018
reviewed: Review for Snow Blood Season 3 by Carol McKibben
I'm loving this series more with each book I read. You know that dogs love their masters, Snow Blood not only loves his maste...
June 2018
reviewed: Book 1 in a brand new Series by Ann Gimpel "Wylde Magick", Book 1Gemstone:Zodiac Shifters: Gemini
Another great series begins. In this first book of the authors newest series, we meet Naill, a jaguar shifter, working as an ...
June 2018
reviewed: My review of Tracy Cooper Posey's Book 6, "Veil of Honor" in the Scandalous Scions Series
Veil of Honor is another home run for author Tracy Cooper-Posey; this is Book 6 in her Scandalous Scions Series. Again we are...
June 2018
reviewed: Warin's War by Ann Gimpel
Loved the heroine of this story; she starts out understated and unhappy with her life. Fortunately she meets a stranger that ...
May 2018
reviewed: Ophelia Bell's latest in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Equinox"
The most powerful and evil enemy of the Haven is finally at the point of winning and in order for Numa to beat her, she must ...
May 2018
reviewed: Carol McKibben's first book in her new series, Moon Blood (The First Blood Son Book 1)
A FIVE STAR RATING - A vampire, a vampire wolf, space technology and a sexy corporate spy. What ? The authors new series conc...
May 2018
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Posey's brand new series Once and Future Hearts, Book 1 Born of No Man
A great start to a new Series concerning the time of the great Merlin. This story begins with the conflicts before his birth....
April 2018
reviewed: My review of Laxmi Hariharans latest book "Obsession" from her Dragon Protectors Series
As the author gives birth to each new book, they just keep getting better. It's written with more passion and excitement, and...
reviewed: My review for Ann Gimpel's latest in her Dystopian Punk Series, "Redeemed"
What an ending to a fantastic series. Only bad thing is I DON'T want it to end. A lot of action, surprises, suspense from beg...