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November 2018
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Posey's WWI release "Time And Remembrance (Kiss Across Time)"
I want MORE!!!! For a novella, there's a lot going on. Can a young, but heroic young woman take a big step and believe in the...
November 2018
reviewed: Travis Luedke's 2nd book in his Dark Fantasy Series "Dante's Road"
Another action jam packed story. One hot gal is still in love with a dead God, falls in love with a vampire and learns that s...
October 2018
reviewed: Avery Flynns latest, "Muffin Top" Book 2 in her The Hartigans Series. Coming out 10/29
The author has done it again; a very entertaining story that includes a Big, Beautiful, Woman handling all that life throws a...
reviewed: "Once Upon A Rebel Fairytale, by 29 great writers; get NOW for $.99
The first story I've read in the box-set is the Bestselling, Award Winning Author and Screenwriter, Rebekah Ganiere's "The Br...
October 2018
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Posey's latest release "V-Day" (Vistaria Has Fallen Book 6)
This was a great ending to the series. It was filled with realistic action, suspense, thrills, danger, and surprises; the aut...
October 2018
reviewed: Ann Gimpel - Soul Dance Collection, Books 1-4: Shifter Paranormal Romance
Book 1, Beginnings -A wonderful beginning to a new series that is filled with magical gypsies, wolf shifters, vampires and th...
reviewed: Ann Gimpel's Bitter Harvest Series, Books 1-3: Dystopian Urban Fantasy
Book1 Deceived - I had no clue as to what the story was about, well it turned out to be about a spell, that had gone wrong ma...
reviewed: Carmen Falcone's latest "Good Girl's Bad Lessons" (Dirty Debts Book 3)
OMG this was one titillating, stimulating, erotic, absolutely filled with hotness story. It's a beautiful romantic story with...
October 2018
reviewed: Tracy Cooper-Posey's "Chronicles of the Lost Years" Book 1 of her Sherlock Holmes series
Loved the authors view on what occurred with Mr. Sherlock Holmes during the silent period by it's original author Arthur Cona...
October 2018
reviewed: Book 3 in Michele De Winton's Hot Tide Series, "The Wrong Brother for Brooke"
Book 3 of the Hot Ride Series and man oh man we're back in the beautiful ocean, this time in beautiful Bali. Brooke is here a...
October 2018
reviewed: Review for Rebekah Ganiere's latest "The Bride", which can be found, along with 21 other great stories in the box-set Once Upon a Rebel Fairytale
The first story I've read in the box-set is the Bestselling, Award Winning Author and Screenwriter, Rebekah Ganiere's "The Br...
reviewed: Michele De Winton's 2nd book in her Hot Tide series, "Making Over Maya"
I absolutely loved the first book in this series the second brought some surfer PR smarts as well as fashion tips, but I miss...
October 2018
reviewed: Branded: That Old Black Magic Romance (Heart's Desired Mate) by Ann Gimpel
I loved the world building in this story; witches, dragon shifters, changelings, and beautiful Arabian horses all in the smal...
October 2018
reviewed: Ann Gimpel's latest: Unbalanced: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Libra (Wylde Magick Book 3)
I love this series. It has amazing sifters, great magick mages, evil vampires. Book 3 has a dragon shifter who left his shift...
reviewed: Tracy Cooper-Posey's latest in her Scandalous Scions series, Book 7 "Season of Denial"
What an exciting historical romance. You can tell the author does plenty of research for this time period; so much so that yo...