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July 2017
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Poseys book 6, "Skinwalker's Bane" from her Endurance series
We continue on the 1,000 year journey with those on the Endurance. This is one of the most exciting stories yet; filled with ...
reviewed: Review for Ann Gimpel's latest in her Soul Dance series, "Tranished Journey"
We have arrived to the final book in the Dance Soul series, and I hate saying that. This has been a surprising, action-packed...
reviewed: Review - Reclaiming His Mate, authors first book in her Wolf River Series
First book in the authors Wolf River Series is a magnificent love story gone terribly wrong. While on Griffin's 3rd tour of d...
July 2017
reviewed: Review for Laxmi Hariharans new Many Lives Mega Boxset
AWAKENED - it's how the world in her series, Many Lives, begins. It has so much going on you don't dare put it down till you ...
July 2017
reviewed: Review for Michele De Winton 2 in 1 Burning to Ride
In this 2 for 1, the first being Burned by Lust is a definite 18+ and so steamy you just might singe your fingers as your rea...
July 2017
reviewed: Review for Avery Flynn's newest book "Trouble"
Leah has made a success of her life and now is returning for her high school reunion to show them that she is no longer the g...
July 2017
reviewed: My review of Ophelia's Bells Paranormal Dating Agency: Hot Wings (Kindle Worlds)
Never knew that being a cook could be so dang exciting and sexy. What would you do if you were hired to be a personal chef on...
reviewed: My review of Ann Gimpels next book in the Soul Dance Series, "Tarnished Prophecy"
In Book 3 of the Soul Dance series, we learn of the gypsy girl Ilona, with powers she keeps hidden from her fellow gypsies. A...
July 2017
reviewed: Carmen Falcone's newest romance "The Cowboy's Socialite" releasing 7/24
This is the authors first entry into the Cowboy genre. This story was filled with snarky humor, stubbornness, untold truths e...
reviewed: Review of Tracy Cooper-Posey's latest historical romance "Soul of Sin"
OMG this was such a magnificent, emotional, wonderful love story. It gave me laughter, happiness, sadness and tears. It's a ...
June 2017
reviewed: Magic After Dark: A Collection of Brand New Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Novels
Seven authors and their fantastic stories.The first book I read in this set was Ann Gimpel's Tarnished Beginnings, a great pr...
reviewed: Ann Gimpels Prequel to her new Soul Dance Series, "Tarnished Beginnings"
A wonderful beginning to a new series that is filled with magical gypsies, wolf shifters, vampires and the hunters of both. A...
reviewed: Review for Paige Tyler's Newest Swat Series book, "Wolf Hunt"
Another great Swat series story. Some members of the Swat team go to New Orleans (NO) to do some training for the NO swat tea...
June 2017
reviewed: Krystal Shannan's "My Vampire Knight" the last book in her Sanctuary, TX
This was the last book in the authors Sanctuary, Texas series, and oh what an ending it is. The paranormal citizens that live...
June 2017
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Posey's lastest in her sci-fi series Endurance, "Evangeliya"
This is a short story from the author's Endurance Series, it is number 5.1, EVANGELIYA and although each book can be read as ...