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September 2017
reviewed: Ann Gimpel's Final book in her Dragon Lore Series, "Dragon's Dare"
I hope I'm able to explain why this is one fantastic read. First it was written by an author who writes across many genres an...
September 2017
reviewed: Ann Gimpel's Icy Passage
Wow, I didn't expect this. You never know what this author is going to give us as she writes in such a broad range of storyte...
reviewed: Ann Gimpel's Dragon Maid, Book 3 of her Dragon Lore series
Book 3 in this series is just as fascinating as the first 2. The characters are wonderful and I love the way we continue to m...
reviewed: Tracy Cooper-Posey Book 2, Valor of Love from the Scandalous Series
Another great Scandalous Scions story. In this book 2 of the series, both of the main characters have secrets. One of them, J...
September 2017
reviewed: Her Dark Half (X-Ops Book 7) BY PAIGE TYLER
Great story line, magnificent characters. She's been through a horrific betrayal in which she lost many of her friends. Trust...
August 2017
reviewed: V.A. Dold's first book, "Dangerous Destiny" in her new series League of Guardians
Great beginning of a new series, League of Guardians. We have a team of vampires, arriving in Savannah Georgia, to protect a ...
reviewed: Tracy Cooper-Posey's 7th book "Kiss Across Worlds" in her Kiss Across Time series
Wow, again Wow. I swear this author must be a time traveler because this story is filled with such awesome details. We have s...
August 2017
reviewed: Ann Gimpel's latest in her Dragon Lore Series, "To Love a Highland Dragon"
A shifter dragon has been under a sleeping curse for nearly 300 years, needless to say his reaction to his castle being gone,...
reviewed: Review for Ophelia Bells > Immortal Dragons: The First Four: Prequel + Books 1-3
Dragon Betrayed-Prequel-This book is hard to read, BUT even harder to put down. The lengths the two main character go through...
August 2017
reviewed: Ophelia Bell's newest in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Rebel"
I've never been disappointed by the authors amazing and sensual stories surrounded by the most imaginative world building eve...
July 2017
reviewed: Tracy Cooper Poseys book 6, "Skinwalker's Bane" from her Endurance series
We continue on the 1,000 year journey with those on the Endurance. This is one of the most exciting stories yet; filled with ...
reviewed: Review for Ann Gimpel's latest in her Soul Dance series, "Tranished Journey"
We have arrived to the final book in the Dance Soul series, and I hate saying that. This has been a surprising, action-packed...
reviewed: Review - Reclaiming His Mate, authors first book in her Wolf River Series
First book in the authors Wolf River Series is a magnificent love story gone terribly wrong. While on Griffin's 3rd tour of d...
July 2017
reviewed: Review for Laxmi Hariharans new Many Lives Mega Boxset
AWAKENED - it's how the world in her series, Many Lives, begins. It has so much going on you don't dare put it down till you ...
July 2017
reviewed: Review for Michele De Winton 2 in 1 Burning to Ride
In this 2 for 1, the first being Burned by Lust is a definite 18+ and so steamy you just might singe your fingers as your rea...