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Tracy Cooper Posey's Box Set 2 (books 4-6) in her Scandalous Scions series

Mask of Nobility - This is the 4th book in the Scandalous Scions series. We again meet members of a large unconventional family during the Victorian period. This family believes in living as their heart demands of them; an attitude that during this period is not done and can ruin entire families. I love this group of people who dare to defy convention and will do what they must to protect their own. This story is about Bronwen, a young woman who refuses to follow the "rules" and Tor, a royal, who must follow them to keep his standing. She defies all to get what her heart desires and a passionate affair begins. The first awakening of her passion and his learning to let his strict rules of living go are eye-opening for both of them. But he won't defy convention and in order not to hurt her further leaves. Now, whether she likes it or not, her family must step in to help her become what his world demands. That's enough spoilers, just let me say their passion for each other is overwhelming and had this reader glued to the book from beginning to end. This entire series is filled with so much love for each other and family, that there is no way you cannot be emotionally drawn into each story. I don't know about you, but for me, a story where love conquers through the highs and lows of one's life and family is there to hold you up, is a story worth reading.

Law of Attraction - I've been reading the authors Scandalous Scions from the beginning and am stating here that this is one of best books in the series. It is amazingly moving; filled with such strong emotions and love that it causes the characters years of pain and finally a scandal so huge that it can bring ruin to the entire families. One must remember that during this Elizabethan period in time, scandals of the nature that occurs in this story, cannot only bring ruin but prison or even worse. In trying to avoid trouble, love is pushed aside for a union with no love; but even that and years of separation cannot remove the love that these two have for each other. When they can no longer deny their love and passion, their downfall and that of their families begin. If you haven't read this magnificent series you must do so now; you will love each story, be moved by each of them, fall in love with the heroines and heroes, you will cheer for them and just as loudly boo the villains. I don't do spoilers as I hate knowing what happens before I read the book, so this is all your getting from me. But if ever you listened to someone tell you "You've got to read that book" hear it now. Pick up this magnificent set of stories here or at your favorite book site: https://amzn.to/2QyXDT9