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Time Traveling, Sexy Menages, Vampires-Tracy Cooper-Posey now heads to space

This is author Tracy Cooper-Posey's first run at writing one of her favorite reading, and seeing, genre's, SFR (Science Fiction Romance). It wasn't what I expected, mainly because of her time traveling and paranormal hot and sexy writings. I felt it took a little too long to get to the real SF part, but when it did, WHAM, BANG, THANK YOU MAM. It was a terrific, amazing, OMG could this really happen, surreal surprise. In retrospect it wasn't really slow it was just building the background so she could sock it to you later. I don't do spoilers and I'm sure they're plenty review's out there that you'd probably like better, but I don't want to know the storyline before I read a book I just want to know it's worth reading and how it made the reader feel. This is definitely worth reading and I'm really excited to see what other journeys this story can take us. Only thing I missed was the OMG sex from her usual stories, BUT this is not one of her usual stories and I believe the author wrote the romance the way in needed to go. I hope we will see more of these SFR adventures from the author in the near future. I'm ready BEAM ME UP SCOTTY.


UPDATE- Tracy now has her second book up in this series "Varkan Rising" and I'm currently in the middle of it.  All I can say is OH MY.