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CINDER THE FAE by Author Rebekah Ganiere - Not your old faiytale

— feeling big smile

If you love the old fairy tales,and have read author Rebekah Ganiere's version of them,you will love this one. In this telling the godmother is not the only one with magic and the Prince has more to do than just go to a ball and ride around looking for a foot to fit a shoe. Cinder and Rome (the prince) have been close friends since childhood all the way through adulthood, but have never expressed their true feelings for each other. The king now demands the prince marry but only those women with the proof of their "proper" background may go. As you may have guessed Cinder does not have said proof, but with the help and insistence of her "fairy godmother" she decides to attend, meanwhile Rome tries to tell her of his love, without much success. Lies and secrets come out, and Cinder is in mortal danger by the villain of the story. Well the story tells you all about what they have to go through to try and be together. Will truth and love, with the help of some magic, destroy evil and save the day?

I try very had not to give spoilers, and I hope I've succeeded here, but at the same time draw you in enough to let you know its a story worth reading. Magic, adventure, danger, secrets and love and even humor; all the ingredients needed for a great fantasy tale.