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Cursed by the Moon by Rebekah Ganiere

Cursed by the Moon (Shifter Rising Book 2) - Rebekah R. Ganiere

Loved it, loved it. Author Rebekah Ganiere has out done herself on this one. Yes this is about wolf shifters, or as they call them in this book, werewolves, but more than that it is a story of two wounded souls, one a wounded warrior and the other by a horrific event which took her mothers life. As if that wasn't enough they both went through other life changing events, together it has left them fearful of others, distrustful, and afraid to be what they really are. They are temporarily brought together as Noah needs a place to stay while waiting for help with his severe PTSD. Cara has a room available and even though she's scared, her friends talk her into letting him use her extra room until those that will help him can pick him up. They both are hesitant and afraid, but seeing how much Noah suffers through his PTSD draws Cara to help him. I think you can guess that I don't like doing spoilers, so I'm just trying to give the overall picture here without giving to many details. This is a wonderful story about the tragedy of war and life events beyond the control of those involved. It's also a story of learning to trust, and of a growing need and love for each other, even when it appears that they were wrong to believe in each other. Go grab "Cursed by the Moon" right now, you won't be sorry