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Zoe's Blockade  - Tracy Cooper-Posey

Okay I have one complaint, I WANT IT TO BE LONGER. I loved this story on the continuing Destiny's Trinity series. We have a new Trinity that consist of Zoe, Cole and Declan, and they have to be bonded quickly; we learn that this particular Trinity is quite different from the others. A surprisingly new paranormal is part of this group and before the end we have another surprise. Things are getting worse and the current groups are really working hard on locating the other Trinity's, while trying to keep up with the evil that is attacking the unaware human race. The three involved are really, and I mean really, taken by surprise and then top that off with the fact that it has to come to fruition quickly, as they come under attack. The Trinity's come together to fight them off and if they lose it could mean the end, for all the groups are needed to fight the evil. I really love the way you again meet characters from the previous Trinity stories; it's exciting to see them still involved and what they do to help. I try not to give spoilers but know I have to give you enough to grab and reel you in. If you love the paranormal you will love "Zoe's Blockade" and as for me, I can't wait to read the next story.