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Ann Gimpel's Alphas In The Wild Collection Books 1-3 Reviews

In this first book in the series Alpha's in the Wild, "Hello Darkness," a woman in charge of a crew for the Park Service, she's been used and abused by the last man in her life. She's moved on and is stronger for it. Ready for a new assignment to prove herself, but as can happen, her pass gets in the way. An old love comes back, one that hurt her badly but has a story to tell her why. Her new assignment takes her to the backwoods to find her crew and get a job done. Then things get really strange; if she didn't know better she'd swear evil was out to get her. This is my first read that has a native American in it and it's not always good thing in this story. We have a story of the strength of love no matter how much time has passed and the obsessive madness of not letting go due to hate. I recommend this first of three stories in this series of strong Alpha women. Now to get to the second book so I can let you know if its a thumbs up like this first one was.

Well the mountain climbing background in this second book of the series, Alpine Attraction, was something knew for me. The alpha in this story is Tina and seven years earlier while climbing solo in the Andes she was on the brink of losing her life when unexpected help came. But in order to be saved she had to swear to come back in seven years. The experience changed her life; even leaving a good man, Craig, who loved her. We go forward and she is horrifically reminded that the seven years is almost up. This time she knows better than to go alone, and learns that Craig is taking an expedition up the same mountain and signs on as his medic. This story puts you right there with her as she once again is climbing the mountain. We feel her strength and independence mixed in with fear of the unknown. I recommend this story to anyone interested in native legends, magic, courage, and love. When you finish you'll either want to find a mountain to climb or get as far away from them as you can.

Wow !! At heart I'm a sci-fi nerd and this third book in the Alpha's in the Wild Series, "Run for Her Money" fits in that genre, along with adventure, thrills, surprising twists, strong characters, sexy love, and a dog; LOVED it. What starts out as a routine park ranger mission, turns into a struggle for survival as Sara discovers that something terrible has happened. At the same time a backpacker is trying desperately to get to a safe haven after evading detection from what seems to be some kind of attack. You'll have to read this story to learn what transpires when these two meet and what they have to go through to survive and learn what has happened. They meet other survivors and what follows next, well all I can say is I want this made into a movie. Get the collection, get them separately, but get these books and you will love reading about these Alpha women and what they go through to make it to a new and better day.