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Carmen Falcone's latest book, FORBIDDEN VIRGIN, has just been released and his the first in her new series, FORBIDDEN

What do I think? HOT, HOT, HOT. This is the first book in the new series, FORBIDDEN, by Carmen Falcone and if the rest of the series is going to be anything like "Forbidden Virgin," we're in for some passionate, intense, emotional roller coaster rides. The storyline is very different from other "Daddy's Friend" type stories. We have a smart, determined, privileged young woman determined to get what she can't have. On the other end we have a man who has everything, but raised on the wrong side of the track older man, who owes everything to his friend, her father. He knows no matter what she does or how he feels he cannot break the trust the man has in him. I try my best not to do spoilers so this is all your getting from me, just let me state that if you love sexy, hot romance stories with marvelous characters and a terrific storyline, this series is going to be for you. Pick up this first book and be sure to read it alone. Why? So you don't have to explain the moans that will be coming from you as you read it. Yep, it's that hot.