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K.C. Klein's "The Rock Star Cowboy" - Review

DJ fell in love as a teenager but all Brent wanted was to get out of town and become a rock star. He made it, and is back to visit with his best friend, her brother.

Can she keep strong and not let herself fall for him again. He's gorgeous, talented, has it all and is use to women throwing themselves at him. But no matter how hard he try's, she's not falling for it again. They're constant bantering at times is laugh out loud funny, and at other times fills the room with sexual tension.

Both DJ and Brent are afraid of what they're feeling. The running and chasing tells a great story all the way to the end. You'll have to read it to see what happens when Brent once again leaves DJ to go back to his Rock Star life.

If you enjoy romance with humor and sexual tension this book is for you. The author hooks you from beginning to end and I really hope to read about DJ and Brent again.