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Review for Laxmi Hariharans new Many Lives Mega Boxset

AWAKENED - it's how the world in her series, Many Lives, begins. It has so much going on you don't dare put it down till you finish. It's the story of a young girl, Ruby, who as a child wanted only to be loved, something she never felt from her parents, especially her mother. Due to this absence of love, she commits a horrific act and runs away. Now a young woman, she miraculously lives through an attempt on her life and is forever changed. She can see on her body the physical changes and the pain it causes her when she seems to be in danger. But there are more changes that she will not know till later (and I'm not telling). This also bring into her life a protector, Vik, a policeman; only she's not sure what his real goal is, nor what her true feelings for him are. Then her mother comes back into her life causing death and destruction to make a so-called better world. Ruby's story is very powerful, magical one and how this story ends, well it's the end of life as she knew it and the beginning of a new one for mankind.
REDEMPTION - crosses over from her Many Lives Series. We have a female shifter, Leana, who begins the story as a cage fighter to help keep an orphanage running, Entering into this scene is an immortal, Mikhail, from unknown origins, who is strongly drawn to her. Without giving away too much, as I don't do spoilers, lets just say these two have a relationship that does not always run smoothly. She will be controlled by no one and he wants only her. In this world, that has been changed through the act of one woman and her sword, we have shifters, immortals, vampires and humans. A world filled with pain and one in which these two must not only accept what they are, but their feelings for each other, if they are to save it. It is a story filled with emotion and unpredictable twists and turns. As always the authors gives us a powerful story, filled with strong characters in a society so changed it takes courage and exceptional love to win a life worth living.
FATED - This story is filled with so many emotions. We have a young hybrid shifter, Leana. who has always hated what she is and wants only to be human. She also is afraid that humans will learn about her parentage. Although she says she doesn't believe what people are saying about a young boy called the "Hugging Saint", she somehow finds herself going to the temple to see him. When she finally gets her hug, she becomes angry at what he tells her. This leads her to commit a horrific act and finally leads her to accept what she truly is.
TAKEN - This world is filled with amazing, colorful, explicit, feel it as if you were there real characters. The description of the cities, land, the way of life as its changed is very explicit. This dystopian type event has brought forth a new species and changes across the world, and is filled with detail, emotions, fears, and longings. The two main characters, Aria, a woman who intends to never give up no matter what the situation or consequences, and Jai, who can have everything but wants only to be a good man and do the right thing. Brought together, they feel an instant "something", but do all they can to deny it. Can two people, from what amounts to different species, ever trust each other. They both go their own way, still fighting this feeling they have. But fate has more in store for them, and they meet again. Can they and their "people" work together for the good of all, will they finally admit to themselves and each other of their true feelings. I LOVED this story, it's filled with so much emotion that you don't want to put it down till you get to that last page.
FERAL - is told by the young girl Maya, who has always felt as if though she didn't belong. Not to her family, her peers, her life. She confronts her mother and in anger leaves to the world they avoid in search of her "real family"; the world of humans. For Maya belongs to hybrid pack of werewolves. She leaves behind Luke, the one who loves her, in hopes of finding those who will be like her. Did her "mother" really find her or did she steal her away from a loving family. If she finds them will they accept her back, will she want to part of their lives, will she find someone to replace the love she ran away from. She will find more than she expected, a love that could have destroyed her.
This is great series and I recommend it to all who love reading about new amazing world building stories, especially those that lead to a very different dystopian world. Purchase it or read it free through Amazon Unlimited http://amzn.to/2tAZosi