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My review of Tracy Cooper Posey's Book 6, "Veil of Honor" in the Scandalous Scions Series

Veil of Honor is another home run for author Tracy Cooper-Posey; this is Book 6 in her Scandalous Scions Series. Again we are discovering secrets from those in the 3 families this series involves. It was easy to be bring dishonor not only to oneself but through you, your family as well, during this period of history. We have a member of the family who has kept secret a terrible moment of weakness that could bring her and her family down with shame and scandal. We also have a young man who learns of this occurrence and makes her, as we say now, an honest woman. Belonging to these families they have known each other long, but it's this shame that shows them the true feelings they have for each other. But it isn't as easy as that, for they will travel the ups and downs of their actions both from within and out of the family and they will suffer for their those actions. But amongst their time together they learn to love but still hesitate to fully trust. The story is very emotional and, for me anyway, once I began reading I didn't put it down till it was finished. If you haven't started this series, start right now and you will fall in love with this very unconventional family during a time when rules, etiquette and unwritten rules had to be followed or the lack of them would bring scandal and ruin to an entire family. Each book can be read on it's own, but to see the whole picture it's better to read the series. Have a go at it and be enthralled with the time and the stories.   

Get it here or at your favorite book site:  https://amzn.to/2szy9vE