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Tracy Cooper-Posey's latest in her Scandalous Scions series, Book 7 "Season of Denial"

What an exciting historical romance. You can tell the author does plenty of research for this time period; so much so that you'd swear she was part of this great family. We have a man, known as a womanizer, who wants nothing of the settled married life and is use to doing what he pleases without having to answer to a wife. We also have family member who is determined not to marry a member of the "family" as her sister has done, but know not how to win and keep the man she wants.. After years of not seeing each other, they meet unexpectedly and wind up agreeing to help each other; one from trouble the other from spinsterhood. Help each other they do and both learn along the way that their lives can be so much better with changes they learn while helping each other. The story is not only thrilling and comical at times, but as always we learn more of the people who comprise this very different and unconventional family; and what would the story be without some scandal along the way. We have a great ending and more characters to read about in future Scandalous Scions wonderful stories. If you haven't started book 7, DO IT NOW, and if your one of those poor souls who haven't picked up book 1 yet; all I can say is your missing out on adventure, heartache, surprises and love.  Buy it here or at your favorite book site: