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Ann Gimpel's Bitter Harvest Series, Books 1-3: Dystopian Urban Fantasy

Book1 Deceived - I had no clue as to what the story was about, well it turned out to be about a spell, that had gone wrong many years before, and it was slowly destroying the earth. The backstory for how this happened, and what occurred during those years, is fascinating. We have shifters, magic and vampires and humans as well; and as you read you'll learn the good, the bad, and everything in-between that is slowly poisoning nature in such a way that the earth is now on a course of total destruction. We learn that there may be one way to stop and revive the planet; but is it real or just a myth. If it's real can the different races put aside there distrust and hatred for each, and work together in time to save not only themselves, but the planet and every living thing on it. Will they agree to it, even if it means they might forever be changed, becoming something new, neither just vampire or shifter. This story is filled with surprising twist and turns, even impossible love.Wow !!! Book 2 Twisted is jam packed with unexpected surprises. It appears that the reversal spell was too late to safe the world outside of Ushuaia; as expected and hoped by the characters in Deceived (book 1). The group of shifters have sailed from port to check out other locations for survivors and they discover that unknown evil and horrors have spread. They must fight to save not only themselves, but those few they find along the way, maybe the rest of humanity as well. It appears that the "cataclysm" had the power to release such evil upon the world that soon it could be all that will be left. We will have loss of friends and loved ones, but among the sorrow, pain and desperation, love will also be found. There is not enough reading between the lines to give you the complete range of action and feelings within the pages of Twisted. Book 3 introduces us to amazing shifters of the sea. These beings have lost thousands to the Cataclysm and the evil it has spread and trust no one. Evil can be anywhere, in anyone, shifter or human. Those on the ship continue to look for others, a land that has not been affected, a possible safe haven. Along the way more evil has again brought destruction and only a few people have survived; some join those on the ship while others chose to stay, once our band of heroes destroy the evil that had been decimating them for over 10 years. We find allies, but can they be trusted; I feel only time will tell. Those on the ship try to stay strong, not only for those they have found love with, but for humanity. Others discover new love and will fight all odds to stay together. This series is amazing in it's fantastic world building, strong characters and love and thrills. You never know what's coming next and when it comes, your fighting along side them as you read what they have to go through, what they learn along the way, that may or may not help not only them but mankind's survival. Do not pass up this series, you'll want to be along with them for the voyage that may save the earth and all that call it home. (less)