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Tracy Cooper Posey's latest release "V-Day" (Vistaria Has Fallen Book 6)

This was a great ending to the series. It was filled with realistic action, suspense, thrills, danger, and surprises; the author involved the readers in everything that was going on, and in every location where it was happening. The main characters, Chloe and Cristian were the perfect characters to end the series with; the so-called nerds of the world can be proud of them. I think what I loved the best was once again meeting the main characters of the previous stories; just like in real life, they don't just disappear they're still active throughout the entire series. Of course, the love all the characters have for their country, family, and each other is just the icing on a magnificent series. I highly recommend this book to those who love realistic storytelling filled with thrills, suspense, action, danger and of course love. War doesn't end love it intensifies it.