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Rebekah Ganiere's newest book, Taming His Saber

This is a shifter book, but the world building behind it gives it a little sci-fi twist (to me anyway) which I love. We have a princess whose lost everything through war and has to escape her world (sabre shifters abound) through a portal that leads to earth. It appears that people from her world have done this in the past so she will not be alone. But much to her surprise it's someone she was close to when she was a girl and thought he was dead. It's hard for both of them as they have grown-up in much different worlds; after all she was a princes and he was a slave in their world. But it's a different story on Earth. But surprises and danger are coming and they must resolve their differences and feelings in order to stay alive. There is so much more I want to tell you, but I don't like to give spoilers. Let me say the story is not only action packed, but has secrets discovered, and love is found.         

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Ann Gimpel's first book in her Bitter Harvest Series, "Deceiver"

This is first book, in the authors Bitter Harvest Series. I had no clue as to what the story was about, well it turned out to be about a spell, that had gone wrong many years before, and it was slowly destroying the earth. The backstory for how this happened, and what occurred during those years, is fascinating. We have shifters, magic and vampires and humans as well; and as you read you'll learn the good, the bad, and everything in-between that is slowly poisoning nature in such a way that the earth is now on a course of total destruction. We learn that there may be one way to stop and revive the planet; but is it real or just a myth. If it's real can the different races put aside there distrust and hatred for each, and work together in time to save not only themselves, but the planet and every living thing on it. Will they agree to it, even if it means they might forever be changed, becoming something new, neither just vampire or shifter. This story is filled with surprising twist and turns, even impossible love and I can't wait to see what happens in
Book 2. Buy this great new book here or at your favorite book site: http://amzn.to/2wJGuMI


Ann Gimpel's Final book in her Dragon Lore Series, "Dragon's Dare"

I hope I'm able to explain why this is one fantastic read. First it was written by an author who writes across many genres and is terrific in all of them. This story is a cross between fantasy/magic/paranormal written with thrills, danger, death, surprises, humor and darn right sensual romance. We again meet many of the quirky, smart, beautiful, handsome, evil and even time traveling characters from the previous books in the Dragon Lore series; as you read the series the author's main characters are people we've met before. I love that, as it actually turns the individual stories into one epic story filled with adventure, evil, love and so much more. I don't do spoilers, but I hope my feelings for this book have come through. You have to get this book, the final one in the series; and you will definitely get a better understanding of the story if you have read the first three in the series. What are you waiting for, go get it now. Get it here or at your favorite book site:

Ann Gimpel's Icy Passage

Wow, I didn't expect this. You never know what this author is going to give us as she writes in such a broad range of storytelling. I don't even know how to describe it; sci-fish, magical, scientific, even scary. I didn't at all know what was going to happen next. I loved the science behind it; it had magical aspects and at times I didn't know if it was going to turn into a horror story, or even a story of humankinds future, and it has a wonderful love story as well and what's love without some great sex. It was exciting to read and I loved every second of it. All the characters in the story were amazing and I can't wait to see if the author will write a second book based on these characters; I really hope she does. I sure didn't do any spoilers did I? I really am just trying to impress on you how it made me feel. Kudos to Ann Gimpel, she did it again. Grab this terrific book here or at your favorite book site: http://amzn.to/2wq0J6F

Ann Gimpel's Dragon Maid, Book 3 of her Dragon Lore series

Book 3 in this series is just as fascinating as the first 2. The characters are wonderful and I love the way we continue to meet characters from the previous books. We still have the evil trying to destroy and the characters learning the why and how's of eliminating the threat. Of course we have amazing dragons, both good and evil and we see how bonded humans and dragons can still be together but as two separate entities. Along the way the characters learn about their true selves. We have adventure, danger and love discovered with sensual sex scenes that will leave you breathless. I can't wait to read book 4 in this dragonlicous series.  Get it here or at your favorite book site:   http://amzn.to/2f5rUZn


Tracy Cooper-Posey Book 2, Valor of Love from the Scandalous Series

Another great Scandalous Scions story. In this book 2 of the series, both of the main characters have secrets. One of them, Jasper, has been damaged from war and the other, Lilly, from a heinous crime committed against her. They both do all they can to keep these secrets from a society that would ostracize them if they knew.They learn of each others secret and do what they can to help each other get through the traumas that they both still suffer from. Thankfully her family is there for her and when they learn of his problems, are there for him as well. The one who harmed Lilly is back and will stop at nothing to get her. In an attempt to stay safe they must leave their home and hide. What follows shows that they can overcome anything. Now you think I've given you a bunch of spoilers, but I've only given highlights and there is so much more in-between. We have love of family, fear of discovery, strength of character, and found love. I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical romance Get it on here or at your favorite book site. http://amzn.to/2hbf3pp

Her Dark Half (X-Ops Book 7) BY PAIGE TYLER

Great story line, magnificent characters. She's been through a horrific betrayal in which she lost many of her friends. Trust? No longer will she give her trust to anyone, even if she's unexpectedly drawn to them. He's lost his mentor to betrayal and can't trust those he works for. Now he has this insanely beautiful woman working with him and he's sure she's been put there by the one he thinks killed his friend. Many secrets coming to light in this book, along with thrill, suspense and sexy encounters. I won't even mention the surprise towards the end of the book; dang I just mentioned it. Don't miss this story, it wraps up a lot of loose ends and the interaction between the two top characters is exciting. What the heck are you waiting for, pick it up and get lost within the pages of this terrific story.  Go Grab this exciting story today, here or at your favorite book site. http://amzn.to/2f4d2eq

V.A. Dold's first book, "Dangerous Destiny" in her new series League of Guardians

Great beginning of a new series, League of Guardians. We have a team of vampires, arriving in Savannah Georgia, to protect a witch from The Guild. The Guild is a group whose agenda is to find and destroy all witches. The witch, Carolyn, has special powers and with the Guild having killed so many, every witch is in danger. We meet an old friend, vampire Etienne, from the Le Beau Brothers series, whose in charge of the team and sends Darius to protect Carolyn. I don't do spoilers so you'll have to read yourself all they have to go through to fight the evil that is trying to get Carolyn. Surprises along the way; fated mates find each other as well as lost loves saying goodbye. I believe we have another series winner and I hope we will continue to run into old friends. I recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal and magic, with excitement and sensual thrills along the way. Get it here or at your favorite book site: http://amzn.to/2ijScLU


Tracy Cooper-Posey's 7th book "Kiss Across Worlds" in her Kiss Across Time series

Wow, again Wow. I swear this author must be a time traveler because this story is filled with such awesome details. We have such magnificent twist and turns, that you can't put it down till the end. The bad is evil and the good is wonderful. You'll find yourself cringing, eyebrows raising, sighing and moaning. I didn't realize the time travel had so many roads one could take. The previous stories in the series take you on some wild trips, but I believe this one takes you on the best whirlwind rides imaginable. Ohhh and as always the sensual sex is OMGood, along with the surprising romantic twist at the end makes this time travel read a must. As you can tell I don't do spoilers, but I'm trying to show the excitement I got from reading this great story. I can't wait to see where this author will takes us next in Kiss Across Time series. Don't just sit there, grab this book now and do some time traveling yourself. Get it here or at one of your favorite book sites : http://amzn.to/2v837KL


Ann Gimpel's latest in her Dragon Lore Series, "To Love a Highland Dragon"

A shifter dragon has been under a sleeping curse for nearly 300 years, needless to say his reaction to his castle being gone, cars zooming by, pollution, women who he thinks are dressed like harlots, cell phones and OMG planes, well it's a little overwhelming. Thank goodness the person who first runs into him, takes it all in stride when she sees a gorgeous, but rather strangely dressed, slightly smelly and apparently has a bit of a mental problem, man show up seemingly from the bushes where she's walking by. The questions here is why are they not running in opposite directions, but instead seem to be drawn to each other. Although they seem to like each other physically, they both are leery but are willing to listen to each others stories. They discover they each have not only secrets but powers and they must now work together to stay alive from the evil that is still trying to destroy him. Along the way they meet fascinating people, both family and friends, whose help they'll need. Meanwhile the feelings they have for each other grow and they learn that not even hundreds of years can keep them apart. This is a great love story, filled with funny moments that just happens to involve dragons, witches, both good and bad ones, funny and oh so serious ones. If you read the first book in the series, you'll run into some of the characters in this story. It may seem like I've given a lot of spoilers but I've just given the highlights; you'll have to read to get the full exciting, funny, and so sensual story moments that happen in between my lines. I highly recommend this story to all who love not only highlanders, but dragons, witches, comical scenarios and beautiful, romantic love.  Buy it here or another of your book buy sites: http://amzn.to/2vW5cwR


Review for Ophelia Bells > Immortal Dragons: The First Four: Prequel + Books 1-3

Dragon Betrayed-Prequel-This book is hard to read, BUT even harder to put down. The lengths the two main character go through in their twisted love for each in this BDSM story is very hard to read because it is told so powerful that one finds it very hard to began reading it and not putting it down till the last anguished moment is read.
Dragon Blues–Book 1-The revised "Dragon Blues" is just amazing. It's expanded background concerning characters and events makes the story sooo much better. We learn new things about all the characters; the who's, why's and what's behind their actions. The return of the villain is terrific, making you both hate and feeling sorry for him. As always, Ophelia Bell has sexy, sensual action and the few BDSM scenes are right on. In this book we have two brothers who have lost their sister to "Hunters" because of what a woman on the Council did thousands of years before. One falls in love with her the first time he sees her, not knowing that she is the one he blames for his sisters death. She falls for him also and knows she has to tell him who she is. In his anger he rejects her. But his brother knows they are meant to be together; what he didn't know was that he too would fall in love with her. She learns she desires them both and knows it is more than lust but love as well. Can she convince them to forgive and Let's not forget about LOVE; in cause you haven't been paying attention to the authors other "Dragon" stories, dragon's love deeply and forever.
Dragon Void-Book 2- Chance brings the main characters hope and release, but too late as it arrives when death has come. It's filled with love, then loss and horrid pain; pain that lasted for centuries. Never doubt your destiny and what fate will bring; for love from your "One" is all encompassing whether it be between two, or more.
Dragon Splendor-Book 3-I will try to write my feelings for this story here, but in reality I don't have words good enough to tell you what a magnificent story it is. It is filled with so much emotion and passion i.e. fear, desires, hope, anger, just to name a few. We find the previous destruction of souls and lives has caused the three main characters and how fate will not let them go. We learn surprising information and I love the way the author gathers characters from her other stories helping you to view events from all angles. The ending brings, to me anyway, great joy and hope.
Dragon Rebel-Book 4-The 3 main characters in this book all have their own special powers and are able to use them to save not only their lives but all those that would be affected by an immortal queen driven steadily insane by the loss of her loved ones. The love the three have for each other is powerful and shown by care, need and immense desire for each other. The main story is magnificent, made even better by the inclusion of past characters and how their lives have progressed; this will include, but is not limited to, some intense BDSM scenes, as well as learning what one of the series most evil beings, in her quest for immortality and vengeance, has been up to. The authors ability, in her written words, to make us feel the pleasures and pain of her characters makes this reader both groan and gasp. I most highly recommend this bookset to all who love paranormal romance, it includes put you on fire sex, as well as gut wrenching pain. What the heck you waiting for, go now, get it, read it, review it. You won't be sorry, remember mature audience only.    Get it here or at one of your favorite book buy sites http://amzn.to/2w1WVIc     

Ophelia Bell's newest in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Rebel"

I've never been disappointed by the authors amazing and sensual stories surrounded by the most imaginative world building ever. The 3 main characters in this book all have their own special powers and are able to use them to save not only their lives but all those that would be affected by an immortal queen driven steadily insane by the loss of her loved ones. The love the three have for each other is powerful and shown by care, need and immense desire for each other. The main story is magnificent, made even better by the inclusion of past characters and how their lives have progressed; this will include, but is not limited to, some intense BDSM scenes, as well as learning what one of the series most evil beings, in her quest for immortality and vengeance, has been up to. The authors ability, in her written words, to make us feel the pleasures and pain of her characters makes this reader both groan and gasp. Do not pass this book up, and if you haven't read the first 3 in the series, well it's your loss. I most highly recommend this book/series to all who love paranormal romance, that includes put you on fire sex, as well as gut wrenching pain. What the heck you waiting for, go now, get it, read it, review it. You won't be sorry,remember mature audience only. Get it here or any of your favorite buy sites: http://amzn.to/2u4koYT

Tracy Cooper Poseys book 6, "Skinwalker's Bane" from her Endurance series

We continue on the 1,000 year journey with those on the Endurance. This is one of the most exciting stories yet; filled with wonderful new passionate characters, secrets, thrills and suspense. The time has come for a vote on a new ships captain and, as it is in our present time, the politics is running full blast with twist and turns, backstabbing and lies. During all this we learn of a new danger to the all the passengers of the Endurance, which in turn is a danger to the ship. How did it begin, who is responsible, how many have already been affected by it, and most important, can it be eliminated before more deaths are claimed. It appears that the Skinwalkers are some how involved, but can it be proven otherwise when it seems that someone is trying to point the preverbal finger at them? Among all the turmoil can two very different people find love and trust? I'm doing my best not to give spoilers so I HAVE to stop now before I give everything away. I love this sci-fi series and each book I've picked up to read doesn't get put down till it's finished. This one had be telling the family to leave me alone and let me read, to fix their own dinner for a change. I most highly recommend this book, this entire series, to lovers of sci-fi adventures.  Get it here or at your favorite buy site. http://amzn.to/2eIPlux

Review for Ann Gimpel's latest in her Soul Dance series, "Tranished Journey"

We have arrived to the final book in the Dance Soul series, and I hate saying that. This has been a surprising, action-packed, thrilling adventure into a dark historical, but paranormal adventure. We have new characters as well as ones from the 3 previous books. The group is trying to escape from the Nazi's, and their vampires, to where they hope the Celtic gods will help them strengthen their magic. In this book, demons have joined the vampires in trying to stop this group of gypsies, shifters, and a surprising power hidden by one of their own. We also have an unknown power held by an unsuspecting gypsy, who has just joined the group, as they attempt to escape from the evil that wants to destroy them. The world building in this series is just down right amazing and if one believed in the paranormal, extremely plausible. Do not pass up this great story, or any of the series. The author, as always, welds a strong, imaginative, well researched story to tell. I highly recommend both this book and series to all who love paranormal stories filled with "it could have happened" scenarios, magic, shifters and undying love.  Buy it here or any one of your favorite book sites http://amzn.to/2uRjUo0

Review - Reclaiming His Mate, authors first book in her Wolf River Series

First book in the authors Wolf River Series is a magnificent love story gone terribly wrong. While on Griffin's 3rd tour of duty he gets devastating news from his wife, Dakota. It tears them apart, he so filled with rage for her betrayal, that when he gets back home, he puts her out of their home without listening to what she has to say. Years later, due to a fire in her apartment building, she comes back into his life. This story is filled with memories of their bonded love but our hero continues to remember the pain and will not let go of his anger. The heroine has a truth to tell but can't get past what she feels was her fault, as well as the hurt he caused by putting her out and refusing to listen to someone he supposedly loved. They both believe they have to move on, or let go of their fears, making it worse than is, for they see no hope for a future together. I loved the emotions of helplessness, fear and behind it all, the love they once felt for each other. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down till I was finished; yes it was a long night. If your a fan of paranormal romance, you definitely have to get this book. Get it now at http://amzn.to/2gVBKkf

Review for Laxmi Hariharans new Many Lives Mega Boxset

AWAKENED - it's how the world in her series, Many Lives, begins. It has so much going on you don't dare put it down till you finish. It's the story of a young girl, Ruby, who as a child wanted only to be loved, something she never felt from her parents, especially her mother. Due to this absence of love, she commits a horrific act and runs away. Now a young woman, she miraculously lives through an attempt on her life and is forever changed. She can see on her body the physical changes and the pain it causes her when she seems to be in danger. But there are more changes that she will not know till later (and I'm not telling). This also bring into her life a protector, Vik, a policeman; only she's not sure what his real goal is, nor what her true feelings for him are. Then her mother comes back into her life causing death and destruction to make a so-called better world. Ruby's story is very powerful, magical one and how this story ends, well it's the end of life as she knew it and the beginning of a new one for mankind.
REDEMPTION - crosses over from her Many Lives Series. We have a female shifter, Leana, who begins the story as a cage fighter to help keep an orphanage running, Entering into this scene is an immortal, Mikhail, from unknown origins, who is strongly drawn to her. Without giving away too much, as I don't do spoilers, lets just say these two have a relationship that does not always run smoothly. She will be controlled by no one and he wants only her. In this world, that has been changed through the act of one woman and her sword, we have shifters, immortals, vampires and humans. A world filled with pain and one in which these two must not only accept what they are, but their feelings for each other, if they are to save it. It is a story filled with emotion and unpredictable twists and turns. As always the authors gives us a powerful story, filled with strong characters in a society so changed it takes courage and exceptional love to win a life worth living.
FATED - This story is filled with so many emotions. We have a young hybrid shifter, Leana. who has always hated what she is and wants only to be human. She also is afraid that humans will learn about her parentage. Although she says she doesn't believe what people are saying about a young boy called the "Hugging Saint", she somehow finds herself going to the temple to see him. When she finally gets her hug, she becomes angry at what he tells her. This leads her to commit a horrific act and finally leads her to accept what she truly is.
TAKEN - This world is filled with amazing, colorful, explicit, feel it as if you were there real characters. The description of the cities, land, the way of life as its changed is very explicit. This dystopian type event has brought forth a new species and changes across the world, and is filled with detail, emotions, fears, and longings. The two main characters, Aria, a woman who intends to never give up no matter what the situation or consequences, and Jai, who can have everything but wants only to be a good man and do the right thing. Brought together, they feel an instant "something", but do all they can to deny it. Can two people, from what amounts to different species, ever trust each other. They both go their own way, still fighting this feeling they have. But fate has more in store for them, and they meet again. Can they and their "people" work together for the good of all, will they finally admit to themselves and each other of their true feelings. I LOVED this story, it's filled with so much emotion that you don't want to put it down till you get to that last page.
FERAL - is told by the young girl Maya, who has always felt as if though she didn't belong. Not to her family, her peers, her life. She confronts her mother and in anger leaves to the world they avoid in search of her "real family"; the world of humans. For Maya belongs to hybrid pack of werewolves. She leaves behind Luke, the one who loves her, in hopes of finding those who will be like her. Did her "mother" really find her or did she steal her away from a loving family. If she finds them will they accept her back, will she want to part of their lives, will she find someone to replace the love she ran away from. She will find more than she expected, a love that could have destroyed her.
This is great series and I recommend it to all who love reading about new amazing world building stories, especially those that lead to a very different dystopian world. Purchase it or read it free through Amazon Unlimited http://amzn.to/2tAZosi