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Review for Ophelia Bell's latest book in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Blessed"

Okay, what can I say without giving spoilers. IT'S TERRIFIC, exciting, sexy, fantastic continuation of an amazing world building series. A brother and sister have been waiting for a VERY LONG time to be with their destined dragon mates. Events occurred during this period that had them imprisoned and suffered horrendous tortures and forced indignities with the help from someone they trusted. After many years they learn why he's done this to them and eventually escape. They are now on a long journey to reach the mates they've never met, except emotionally during their time of torture, to finally release them and be together. Things happen before they can reach their destination that separate the siblings, and the evil that imprisoned them is able to capture the sister again. Immortal Dragons don't accept losing the one's they love and fight to get her back. All hell breaks loose. Okay here's where I stop giving spoilers. You have to get this explosive, exciting and sensual story to find out everything that occurs from beginning to end and if you haven't began this series, well I just don't what to say except I feel bad that your missing out on some AMAZING stories. Get it here or at your favorite book site: http://amzn.to/2FI6vEL<!-- react-text: 413 --><!-- /react-text -->


Tracy Cooper Posey's latest in her Scandal Scion Series, "Law of Attraction

I've been reading the authors Scandalous Scions from the beginning and am stating here that this is one of best books in the series. It is amazingly moving; filled with such strong emotions and love that it causes the characters years of pain and finally a scandal so huge that it can bring ruin to the entire families. One must remember that during this Elizabethan period in time, scandals of the nature that occurs in this story, cannot only bring ruin but prison or even worse. In trying to avoid trouble, love is pushed aside for a union with no love; but even that and years of separation cannot remove the love that these two have for each other. When they can no longer deny their love and passion, their downfall and that of their families begin. If you haven't read this magnificent series you must do so now; you will love each story, be moved by each of them, fall in love with the heroines and heroes, you will cheer for them and just as loudly boo the villains. I don't do spoilers as I hate knowing what happens before I read the book, so this is all your getting from me. But if ever you listened to someone tell you "You've got to read that book" get it now.  Go Grab it now here or at your favorite book site, but get it now:





Ann Gimpels first Contemporary Romance "Since We Fell"

First time I've read a contemporary romance novel from this author, so was a little worried if I'd like it or not. Well news blast, I loved it. The background stories for the two main characters in this story are very well set-up. It explains how they got to the point where this story, with it's heartache, anger, and distrust, begins. As they say it's a tangled web when we first deceive, or something like that. They thought they had a forever love, but due to the wants and desires of another, that love and trust was destroyed. When disaster strikes a relationship it's always best to listen to all sides of the story before believing in the worst. I don't do spoilers but let me say this story is about such an occurrence and what happens when years later, due to the deathly illness of a sister, the two former lovers meet again. It isn't easy to forget the passion and love they had for one another, but for one the betrayal will never be forgot or forgiven. Betrayal felt so strongly that it has not only affected their relationship but a close family member as well. I highly recommend this book to those who love a really great romance story.  Get it here or at your favorite book site:   http://amzn.to/2Fsqkwn



Jodi Linton, A Small Town Romantic Comedy (Sweet Home, Texas Book 1) Releasing 4/12/18

The heroine never wanted to go back to her small TX home town, at least not without having accomplished her dream of being a fashion designer. The hero went from the rodeo to running a running a dairy ranch. With such different career paths how did the two meet? Well I will tell you it started with her getting into a house that was now owned by a stranger and that stranger meeting her as he comes out of the bathroom wet from a shower with a towel wrapped around his hips. It only gets funnier and sexier from there. She's looking for his half-brother and he just wants her out of his house. You don't always get want you want. Read this funny, but romantic and sexy story for yourself. Life can change so quickly, especially when your not looking for it. Pick up this book and read how life can get so tangled up that your life plans just get shot all to heck.  Be sure to get it here:  http://amzn.to/2CUQp4X


Tracy Cooper Posey's Vistaria Series, Book 3, "Hostage Crisis"

We are now in the 3rd book of this series and the drama, thrills, excitement are steadily increasing, BUT Hostage Crisis has gone way out of the ballpark in its intensity . It was exciting, filled with angst and action, kept me on the edge of my seat, and emotionally sexy as heck. The two main characters portray themselves to the world as cold, hard individuals and for all intents and purposes they are. They and others are, as you can tell by the title, hostages of the group of insurrectionist that have toppled the government of Vistaria. While we learn what's been happening to them during the weeks they've been held, the loyal men and women of the toppled government continue to do everything they can to regain control. Life goes on, love and betrayal and completely unaware that hostages are being held. If you've read what I've wrote here you will see that I have really given no spoilers, just kind of outlined the story. You will have to grab up this book to learn what terrifying things occur to the hostages, how an unknown spy and the daughter of a man who works for the President of the U.S. and their family and friends come together in the end to try and save them all. Holy Cow I can't wait for the 4th book to come out, especially since in each book the focus is on different people within the series, but what I really love about the series is that all those characters you've read about before, are still significant players in each story. Did I mention I loved this story? Not in those words? Well, let me tell you I LOVE THIS STORY. Get it here or at your favorite book site. http://amzn.to/2EPPOUO<!-- react-text: 114 --><!-- /react-text -->
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K.C. Klein's Dark Future Series, Book 1 "To Buy A Wife"

Discovered that although I had already read this book some time back, that I never left a review, so I re-read it and liked it even better than the first time. In this first of a series (free on your favorite buy site) we have a world where women and therefore children are few. In order to have a wife she must be purchased through auction. This is the story of one man's illogical purchase of a woman as she is being prepared for execution. What the man doesn't know is that this woman is willing to do all she can to save her last family member and she can't do that if she's someone's wife. An exciting start to a great world building series filled with wonderfully detailed description of it's characters, the pain they suffer and the wonder of discovering there is more to living, under the yoke of oppression, than the sweat of hard work and the drive to overcome the hopeless. I'm picking up the second in the series right now. Get your free copy here:   




Avery Flynn's latest hot romantic comedy "The Schemer"

What an enormously entertaining story. It's filled with snarky humor, unwanted smoldering desires, unintentional secrets, and oh my persistence, unrelenting persistence. She's from the wrong side of town and has worked to get where she is with no pretense of being anything else. He's also from the wrong side of town and through hard work has everything you could ever want, but he's sworn he'll never let where's he's from bring him down. Two very conflicting views, one accepting her background, the other making themselves over to keep his as far away as possible from where he started. How can they ever have a chance for a meaningful relationship, when all they see in common, even though they don't want to admit it, is their unwanted desires for each other. That's it, for I hate spoilers; but I hope I've tickled your fancy, cause this is one terrific story. Terrific from their comical beginnings, all the way through their passionate ending. Get this book here or at your favorite buy site - http://amzn.to/2nNXQFs
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Ann Gimpel's 4th book in her Bitter Harvest Series, "Betrayed"

This 4th book in the series, Bitter Harvest, is magnificent. Your never sure what is going to happen next and the next in this story is just fascinating. The author brings into this book some amazing creatures, both from fairytales and her amazing mind. Some of the "characters" in this book you've heard of before, but believe me never like this; and the main reason for this is the Cataclysm that occurred in book one. We've already met the different shifters and Vampires and Evil let loose by this event; but you haven't seen nothing yet. I started reading and kept on till it was finished and along the way I was both intrigued by what was happening and bubbling with excitement over creatures I've read in my youth. Let's not forget the romance involved in each story; this story is no expectation. What surprised in this one is the male character, I didn't see his romantic side before and his character totally surprised me. If for some crazy reason you haven't started this series, DO IT NOW; if you have, hurry up and grab this one as soon as you can. I can't even imagine what the author is going to come up in the next and I understand the last in the series :(<!-- react-text: 126 --><!-- /react-text -->  Get it here or at your favorite book site.http://amzn.to/2DAvMR1


Book 3 in Ann Gimpel's Bitter Harvest Series, "Abandoned"

Book 3 of this series introduces us to amazing shifters of the sea. These beings have lost thousands to the Cataclysm and the evil it has spread and trust no one. Evil can be anywhere, in anyone, shifter or human. Those on the ship continue to look for others, a land that has not been affected, a possible safe haven. Along the way more evil has again brought destruction and only a few people have survived; some join those on the ship while others chose to stay, once our band of heroes destroy the evil that had been decimating them for over 10 years. We find allies, but can they be trusted; I feel only time will tell. Those on the ship try to stay strong, not only for those they have found love with, but for humanity. Others discover new love and will fight all odds to stay together. This series is amazing in it's fantastic world building, strong characters and love and thrills. You never know what's coming next and when it comes, your fighting along side them as you read what they have to go through, what they learn along the way, that may or may not help not only them but mankind's survival. Do not pass up this series, you'll want to be along with them for the voyage that may save the earth and all that call it home. Get this book and the others in the series here or at your favorite book site :  http://amzn.to/2mTGfwm

Ophelia Bell's latest in her Kindle Worlds Paranormal Dating Agency Series "Triple Talons"

Okay let me say this first HOTTTTT!!!!! The heroine has lost her love and just wants to stay away from those emotions, but wants a child. One of the 3 heroes does not want the love of a woman; his desires are for his two Leagues partners, but they also want to have a child. To that end all four sign up with the Paranormal Dating Service. For the main couple, the physical attraction is strong and so they agree that there will be no love, but will enjoy themselves while "working" on having a child. The other 2 men are not impressed with their dates and that night leads to their discovery of each other and now fear who their partner may have found. THAT'S enough spoilers, I've tried to give you just, as they say, the tip of the iceberg. What they all discover next melts that iceberg to a puddle. The mental and physical emotions the four go through is magnificent reading. I guarantee once you start you won't want to put this story down till you've finished it. Just be careful you don't burn your fingers or for the matter your sensual emotions, for this is one beautifully written erotic story. Now go get this book and once you've read it be sure you not only review it, but spread the word.  Get it here http://amzn.to/2D1FZBj

V.A. Dold's Book 7 in her Le Beau Brothers Series, "Seth"

Book 7 in the Le Beau Series. A story of a man whose life is filled with centuries of killing one's own kind. He belongs to the Elite Band of Hunters, those wolf shifters who have given up family, friends and love to follow their Goddess' commands in destroying rogue shifters. His promised time to his Goddess is nearly up and he will at last once again be with his family. Killing for centuries changes a man and he hopes his darkness can once again become light. But he learns that the Goddess has one more mission for him to take and this time he is ordered to take with him a female detective to track down a rogue; a rogue that was once his friend and is the killer of the detectives brother. The Goddess has brought them together for a reason, a reason that brings one joy and the other confusion. The story is filled with the horror of destruction by the rogue, love that must be understood and proven, and one big surprise. Secrets that have been hid from these shifters for centuries finally are told. This series always gives me great satisfaction but what comes around the corner in this one, really blows my mind. Before I finished this story I shouted out a few "WHATTTT THE HECK'S". That's it, too many hints have been given, you'll just have to pick up this fascinating book to find out what happens to the hero and heroine, as well as the rogue, for not all is as it seems. <!-- react-text: 186 --><!-- /react-text -->Grab this book here or at your favorite book site. http://amzn.to/2D61R2z


K.C. Klein's "The Wrong Cowboy" from her "A Somewhere, TX" (In The Heart of TX series)

From the authors "Somewhere, TX" (In the Heart of Texas Series), we have this wonderfully written, emotional, heart tugging, hair pulling, they're so right for each other, cowboy romance. Wheww that's a long sentence. This story tugs at your heart strings in it's sorrow, anger and long awaited happiness. The heroine has, and is going through, so much heartbreaking events in her young life. She must harden herself to the actions she must take in order for her and her family to survive. Meanwhile the cowboy feels emotionally abandoned by members of his family and only sees what he feels is another loss to his brother; the woman he has always wanted and loved. He takes his revenge, but it causes even more heartbreak. How these two decide to handle the ups and downs they've been given makes for one big emotional ride. This reader got upset, excited, let out some OH NOO's but kept reading it till the end, and so will you. Make sure you block off some time cause once you start reading it, you won't put it down till you've get to the THANK GOD ending.   <!-- react-text: 122 --><!-- /react-text -->Grab it here or at your favorite book site: http://amzn.to/2m9z1D9

Just re-read author Kyle West's "Apocalypse", book 1 of his dystopian series "Wasteland Chronicles", and it still Wowed me

OMG this is by far the most amazing world building dystopian novel I've ever read. The story is filled with fantastic but believable characters as they discover what changes have occurred in their part of the world. In the year 2030, the meteor Ragnarok impacted Earth, rending the world a wasteland. Billions died, the sky went crimson, and the world entered an ice age from which it will not emerge for centuries.By 2060, what is left of the United States exists underground in the Bunkers. Where once there were 144, now only four are left - fallen for reasons of starvation, rebellion, or worse. For in the wake of Ragnarok are new and sinister threats, threats which do not yet have a name...Born into this post-apocalyptic world is sixteen-year-old Alex Keener, who has lived his entire life underground in U.S. Bunker 108. But when a stranger is let into the Bunker from the wastes, in defiance of protocol, all hell breaks loose...and Alex's life will never be same again. Get this amazingly told story and begin a journey different from any other. Grab it for free here and at other book sites: http://amzn.to/2F93v11

From Tracy Cooper Posey's Scandous Scions series, is the 4th book, "Mask of Nobility"

This is the 4th book in the Scandalous Scions series. We again meet members of a large unconventional family during the Victorian period. This family believes in living as their heart demands of them; an attitude that during this period is not done and can ruin entire families. I love this group of people who dare to defy convention and will do what they must to protect their own. This story is about Bronwen, a young woman who refuses to follow the "rules" and Tor, a royal, who must follow them to keep his standing. She defies all to get what her heart desires and a passionate affair begins. The first awakening of her passion and his learning to let his strict rules of living go are eye opening for the both of them. But he won't defy convention and in order not to hurt her further leaves. Now, whether she likes it or not, her family must step in to help her become what his world demands. That's enough spoilers, just let me say their passion for each other is overwhelming and had this reader glued to the book from beginning to end. This entire series is filled with so much love for each other and family, that there is no way you cannot be emotional drawn into each story. I don't know about you, but for me a story where love conquers through the highs and lows of one's life and family is there to hold you up, is a story worth reading.    


Get in now at pre-order price here or at your favorite book site:  http://amzn.to/2lpYWGC



Ophelia Bell's newest book in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Guardian"

OMG, every time I finish one of the authors books in her Immortal Dragon Series, I swear it's not going to be any better. WRONG !!! The story is filled with so much longing for love lost, desire for a new love, twisted evil, magnificent world building. The story is jam-packed with great characters, both good and evil, looking for redemption, revenge, hatred, and the most sensual, sexy, burning hot filled longing with passionate forever love. But can they main characters save their world from the war that's coming, from evil filled with madness and unbelievable torture that just keeps getting more insane, all towards immortality no matter what the cost to those she uses along the way. Well guess what I'm not doing any spoilers, I don't want to give one iota of what occurs to you. You need to pick this book up and read it, read it with care for it can burn you with sexual passion and love, as well as sicken you with the vicious acts of a mad woman. Be warned, you will not want to put this book down till you finish it. <!-- react-text: 114 --><!-- /react-text -->Grab this book NOW here or at your favorite book site. http://amzn.to/2l41724

Tracy Cooper Posey's second book in her Vistaria Has Fallen, "Prisoner of War"

The author continues her series, Vistaria has Fallen, in this magnificent war story "Prisoner of War". Everyone believes her lover is dead, but she refuses to believe it. Against all wishes she goes into enemy territory to look for him. What she finds is the infamous intelligence officer, known for his torture of those caught, especially towards the women he chooses to keep and use till he tires of them and gives them to his men. What she finds is incomprehensible to her; will she survive both mentally and physically. You will have to read this great story of enduring love to discover if she is able to escape the horror that finds. Grab this great story here or at your favorite book site: http://amzn.to/2jZAuvs