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Ann Gimpel's newest series, Soul Dance, "Tarnished Legacy" Book 2 Review

Another amazing book by this author. We have gypsies, wolf shifters, vampire's and Nazi's, yep that's what I said. Tairin's been hiding in plain site, amongst a gypsy tribe currently located in Germany, for the last 10 years. Hiding due to her mixed blood and if she's discovered she would be killed. In this tribe is Elliott the tribe's clairvoyant and seer of all the tribes. Elliott finds Tairin secretly listening to a meeting of leaders of the different tribes and they learn secrets about each other and just in time for a plan to destroy a Nazi location filled with prisoners. They discover a Nazi plan more dangerous and evil than the camps. Because of this they must all overcome centuries of prejudice and work with their enemy, the werewolves. The story is filled with action, danger, magic and of course terrific paranormal beings. The authors ability to write great stories during different historical periods and fantastical world building never ceases to amaze me; I'm always eager to read her next book. Anyone who loves to read the paranormal genre, with plenty of action, suspense and surprises will love this new series. Get it here or at your favorite book bit.ly/2rip60r

Krystal Shannan's "Mastered: Teagan" another great Sanctuary, TX story

We have a shifter woman who has lost everything during the massacre of paranormals in the US and blames herself for that loss. She wants nothing more than to wipe her memories away and the only way she can do this is to accept pain at it's extreme in order to forget, and if not able to forget to accept punishment for not saving those she loved. But in Sanctuary she meets a man who will not let her continue on this path of pain and does all he can to show her that she deserves happiness. But will it be enough to help her let go of her guilt and learn to love again. This story has it all, great loss, guilt, fear of loving again, BDSM at it's fullest and then in a twist BDSM at it's most sensual and loving. I recommend this to all who love paranormal romance. Buy it here or at your favorite book site.


"But Now I See" a short story by Tracy Cooper Posey from her Indigo Reports series

A short story with a lot of action packed into it. We learn how Bellona previously met characters in the series; kind of a look in between the pages. We feel the closeness between her and her brother, as well as the distrust the others have for her. One definitely sees her strength, courage and determination to stay free. Pick up this book and learn more about the fascinating world this author has given us. Get it here or at your favorite book site.  https://smile.amazon.com/But-Now-Indigo-Reports-Book-ebook/dp/B06Y5QJW1G/ref=cm_rdp_product



Review for Tracy Cooper-Posey lastes in her Indigo Reports series, "Suns Eclipsed"

Another outstanding pure Sci-Fi book by this author; "Suns Eclipsed, " the 4th book in her The Indigo Reports Series is packed with wits, adventure, danger and new discoveries. The series continues with Bellona and her mixed crew of humans, robots, and oh yeah human with robotic parts and most of them with mental problems from years of manipulations. She's determined to make those responsible pay, as well as "free" the world from those who use their power to enslave all sentient beings through these manipulations. But this cannot be done without weapons, ships and the backing of others. Getting these things may slow her down, but they in no way stop her. I don't do spoilers, so to find out how she accomplishes this you'll have to get the book. You won't be sorry, especially if your a sci-fi fan who loves fantastic voyages into the future, where one can accomplish the unthinkable, withstand tortures and begin to change the future for all by amazing discoveries and determination. God I love these characters, a motley crew of fantastic beings. Buy at your favorite book sites.


Review of Laxmi Hariharan's "Redemption" first in her Ascendants Series

This book is the first in the authors Ascendants Series, but it crosses over from her Many Lives Series. We have a female shifter, Leana, who begins the story as a cage fighter to help keep an orphanage running, Entering into this scene is an immortal, Mikhail, from unknown origins, who is strongly drawn to her. Without giving away too much, as I don't do spoilers, lets just say these two have a relationship that does not always run smoothly. She will be controlled by no one and he wants only her. In this world, that has been changed through the act of one woman and her sword, we have shifters, immortals, vampires and humans. A world filled with pain and one in which these two must not only accept what they are, but their feelings for each other, if they are to save it. It is a story filled with emotion and unpredictable twists and turns. As always the authors gives us a powerful story, filled with strong characters in a society so changed it takes courage and exceptional love to win a life worth living. I recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal, filled with the unexpected and love worth fighting for.

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Author Carmen Falcone's latest release "Brazilian Capture" from her The Brazilians Series

I don't do spoilers so I'll do the best I can. We have a father who will do anything to make money and due to his greed and disregard for human life, his innocent daughter is kidnapped by one who not only wants justice but to save a life of one who spoke the truth. He tells her why he has taken her but she knows nothing of the things her father has done and does not believe him. They must stay ahead of her fathers men and to hide her he takes he to the jungles of Brazil with a tribe of indigenous people. Danger looms ahead, not because of these people or even the creatures of the jungle, but because of their obvious desire for each other. That leads them from one thing to another, ending in a temporary sensual understanding. Things end up both good and not so good, but that's where I end my review. You'll just have to read this story filled with danger and adventures these two go through to make things right, and lets not forget the humor the author loves to throw in now and then. That leads from one thing to another, ending in a temporary sensual understanding. Things end both good and not so good, but that's where I end my review. You'll just have to read this great story to read not only between the lines, but the danger and adventures these two go through to make things right. I recommend this story, a well as the others in the authors "The Brazilians" series, to all those who love romance with thrills, humor and sensual adventures. Buy it now at your favorite book site. Amazon- http://tinyurl.com/l76flj6 B&N- http://tinyurl.com/lbxfhvx iTunes- http://tinyurl.com/kbjclpj KOBO- http://tinyurl.com/kbtz6te

Jodi Vaughn's "Veiled Secrets " expanded verision

Once I picked up this book, I couldn't put it down till the last page. It's a reat story filled with passion, secrets, jealousy, great danger and more, in the magnificently built world of magic and love. We have Fae, Pixie's, Demons and even Angels, all coming together because of one night of indiscretion between Celeste and Eric. A night that leads an arranged marriage. Little did they know how much their lives are connected and what danger they and their families are in. They will learn to work together to fight off the evil. Grab this amazingly written story to read all that happens from the instant they see each other, their hunger for each other, the anger and suspicions, the family that surrounds them with love, humor and strength, to the very end where they must all fight for their lives. I recommend this book to all lovers of magic and love and how believing in each other can lead to everything. Buy this fabulous story at anyone of these sites.

Amazon http://amzn.to/2nIwDak
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Josette Reuel's Finding the Dragon (Dásreach Council Novel Book 1)

This first book that I've read in this series, Dásreach Council Novels, was so packed with both authentic and paranormal activity that it reads like I'm part of the story. We have Facebook reading teams that go to the same NOLA conference that I've also been at, dreams of going to others and meeting your favorite authors and seeing co-readers you know and others your dying to meet. It's just darn right puts me into the book along with my love of the paranormal. The story is jam packed from start to finish with sensual attractions, suspense, danger, laugh out loud action and more. I don't do spoilers, so even though I'm dying to give specifics, I'm not ruining the story for anyone. Let me just say that the story starts off with 3 of the girls and due to life dangering circumstances get separated; so book 1 focuses on one of the girls and a Dragon shifter. I read it all at one reading and didn't want it to end. You better believe I'm going to join those gals on their next adventure. Oh! now I want a tattoo (you gotta read it to understand). Go grab this amazing book here or at one of your favorite sites. https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Dragon-D%C3%A1sreach-Council-Novel-ebook/dp/B00MV94JX2/ref=cm_rdp_product

Tracy Cooper Posey's newest series (Scandalous Scions) "Rose of Ebony"

In this first of a brand new series (Scandalous Scions) we have a man who has recently lost his wife, a wife he didn't love, and finds himself tired of following convention by continuing a long mourning period. So, much to the pleasure of his large family, he's decided to attend a regular family gathering. Shortly after his arrival he receives a black rose (his deceased wife was named Rose); a rose that those he ask did not sent; our first mystery. At first it appears that he has liaison with a secret lover, but appearances can be deceiving. We have another mystery here as it appears that there is someone he loves. I loved the historical accuracy of the times, making his actions feel quite scandalous. But surrounded by the love and closeness of the family you tend to forget that he defies convention in more ways than one. The story ends with his frustration and trying to soothe it with another dalliance. Oh, how I wish this story was longer; goes without saying that I'm grabbing book two in the series. I recommend this book and new series to lovers of historical romances that includes mystery and sensual pleasures. Grab your copy at here or at your favorite buy site. https://www.amazon.com/Rose-Ebony-Scandalous-Scions-Book-ebook/dp/B0719B2R5D/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

Paige Tyler's Award Winning "Animal Attraction"

I didn't realize I had this book in my stockpile of books till 2 days ago. Man oh man am I glad I decided to read it. It was originally released in 2008 (when in won an EPIC Award Finalist and was chosen as Bes Book of 2008 at Long and Short Reviews) and reworked in 2014. I don't know how the original read but the revised version is AMAZING. Once I started reading it around 10:30pm I just couldn't put it down till 5am when I finished it. We have a young reporter out to prove herself and in trying to assert herself gets fired. Without the experience she needs she is only able to get a job at a "paranormal" paper; which is tough as she doesn't believe in the sort of stuff, but a job is a job and she needs it. I don't do spoilers so it's going to be hard for me to get you excited about this book without giving up it's truly great story. She heads to Alaska to investigate a tip about "werewolf" involved killing. While there she sees and is instantly sensually aroused by a man sitting next to table during the first night. She meets the man who sent the paper the tip, saying he had evidence of the werewolf; a man she feels is one of those crazy "X-Files, Truth is Out There" people. This leads to meeting and talking with police and a local professor and expert on wolves, which turns out to be the gorgeous guy from the restaurant. Welllll, we have secrets, mysteries, horrendous murders, new friendships, and hot, erotic, explosive, they've never felt like this before sex. I have to tell you this story had me itching to get to the end to find out what the hell was going to happen next, and then when I got there, I said NOOOO don't end yet. Oh yes, I recommend this book to all lovers of paranormal erotic romance, packed with thrills and chills.

Michele De Winton 1st book in her On Deck series, "The Boss and Her Billionaire"

We have a young woman climbing up the ranks of a male dominated career choice. Because of a badly chosen indiscretion with her boss, she has turned herself into a cold hard task master. Into this comes a man who has worked 24/7 to keep his mothers business afloat, a job his philandering brother has left behind; leaving his wife and children as well. The brother has now returned begging to be given a chance to show he has changed. He wants to believe him so he's talked into a 3 month vacation. While trying to work this out in his head he spy's a job bulletin for a dancer position, (something he worked hard for and has always wanted, but gave up to take over the family business) on a cruise ship. Okay, that's the background. Now I don't do spoilers so you'll have to get this great romance story to learn how the seemingly cold cruise director and the dancing incognito billionaire work out their differences and act on their hot attraction to each other. When your this attracted to each other can unexpected obstacles keep you apart, or can they make you stronger; will eventual separation, family, new jobs, and surprises keep you from knowing if love is even possible. I recommend this book to all lovers of Contemporary Romance. Be sure and get your copy here or another of your favorite buy book sites.




Rebekah Ganiere's "Awakened

Didn't know what to expect, but it sure wasn't this. The storyline was magnificent, we start out with the heroine in college, filled with shameful secrets but lucky enough to have a wonderful boyfriend. Then we're thrown into a lab where she's being saved by "who" and from "what" at this point, your guess is as good as mine. It really takes off here, but as I don't do spoilers my "fingers" are tied. Let me just say that we have vampires, zombies, Frankenstein type doctors, reanimations, unbelievable powers, new friends, enemies, horror, old and new loves. or do we? Hah, you'll just have to read it, but I can tell you one think, you will not be sorry you did. Lovers of the paranormal and horror with a love twist need to grab this one up right now.  Get it here and at other favorite books sites: https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Awakenings-Rebekah-R-Ganiere-ebook/dp/B00HMUQWQ2/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1493835649&sr=1-1&keywords=dead+awakenings

My Review for Jodie Vaughn's newest in her Cloverton Series, "Lost All Control"

Loved this story, I mean what's not to love. We have a small town cop, Mitch, whose loved his best friends sister for ever, but has always made sure to stay away. He's just inherited a home that needs a lot of renovation and guess who is a decorator? Nikki desperately needs a job before she loses everything. Her ex boyfriend has run off with her money and she's too ashamed to let her friends know, much less ask for help. She finally finds a great job when she's sabotaged by the town nasty girl. Really stressed and feeling defeated she learns that her bothers best friend, whom she's always had a crush on, has a house that needs to be worked on and can save her financially. Sound easy, peasy right? Well you need to get this book to find out if she gets the job, can the two of them finally get together (despite her brothers feelings) and what the heck is her terrible ex up too. The story is filled with hope, humor, a little danger and some passionate romance. I recommend this book to those who love a great contemporary romance. Get it here and on all your favorite buy sites.https://www.amazon.com/LOST-ALL-CONTROL-CLOVERTON-Book-ebook/dp/B01NARIAD7/ref=cm_rdp_product

Ophelia Bell's latest in her Immortal Dragon Series, "Dragon Splendor"

I will try to write my feelings for this story here, but in reality I don't have words good enough to tell you what a magnificent story it is. It is filled with so much emotion and passion i.e. fear, desires, hope, anger, just to name a few. The first book in the series was filled with dark passion and love, that it was actually painful to read what the characters were going through. In book two we find salvation and great love. In this, book 3, we find what the previous destruction of souls and lives has caused the three main characters and how fate will not let them go. We learn surprising information and I love the way the author gathers characters from her other stories helping you to view events from all angles. The ending brings, to me anyway, great joy and hope. Although each book can be read as a stand alone, reading the others brings this world into sharper detail and enhances the pleasure of reading the fantastic story. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of the world of shifters, of magic and sensual love. Grab it know, read it, and I truly believe that you can only rate it a wonderful 5 stars. Did I say how much I loved this book, no? Well I LOVED THIS BOOK.

Pick it here and at any of your favorite buy sites: https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Splendor-Immortal-Dragons-3/dp/1545124027/ref=cm_rdp_product

Christine Glover's latest "Tempting the Heartbreaker" Released Day TODAY

A wonderful story of those in the limelight, of the good and the bad that is written about them and what they have to do to cope with the it. It's learning to trust and letting your true feelings lead the way. Passion can be easy but when it becomes something you don't want, like love, it can be dangerous to those who don't want to be in the public eye. For those who've lived with the backlash of bad publicity since their childhood, it is the last thing they want. See if love can overcome that fear, especially when one has learned to deal with it and the other just wants to hide from it. One who has support of her family and the other whose family has been the cause of those fears. There's undeniable and sizzling attraction but they say they want nothing more than a temporary fling. I recommend this story to those who love reading a good contemporary romance that if filled with passion but ruled by fear. Get it today.  https://www.amazon.com/Tempting-Heartbreaker-Hollywood-Heartbreakers-Book-ebook/dp/B06XFHWR27/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491941542&sr=8-1&keywords=tempting+the+heartbreaker+christine+glover

Carmen Falcone's latest book "Forbidden Stepbrother" release day 4/3/17

First off, this is not your regular "stepbrother" story. It has a solid, makes sense background story; one filled with regrets, loss, lies, and always remembered desire of what you think you shouldn't want. They haven't seen each other for quite some time and when fate walks in and throws them together it doesn't go well. Their guilt makes them angry at each other, and all their bottled up hidden feelings are hard to live with. Yep that's what I said, live with; they are stuck in the same house while a severe snow storm has both of them unable to leave. They arrange to stay on different floors, and do their best to stay apart. But long buried feelings can no longer be hidden and slowly their guilt and truths come out. Well written story, you can feel the overwhelming guilt and desire of the characters. I recommend this story to all who love hot contemporary romance. Get it, Read it, Review it, see how their truths will set them free.